Gear review: The XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts

Check out Grappling Insider’s complete product review of the XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts, which are offered in a huge variety of designs.

A high-quality no-gi training short not only fits well, allows for a full range of motion, and wicks away sweat on those hot summer training days, but also completes a solid no-gi outfit.

We recently tried out a pair of the XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts, putting them through several no-gi practices and the same number of washes.

Here’s our full review of the XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts.

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  • Unique design options
  • Gel panel waistband
  • Short fit and split seam legs for a full range of motion


  • Velcro enclosure on first version of shorts
  • Some might find the polyester material to be thick

Distinguishing feature: Tons of designs

Just like XMartial’s line of rash guards (check out our gear review here), the company offers dozens upon dozens of unique designs of shorts, ranging from loud and colorful patterns to simple, minimalistic graphics, to light-hearted and silly designs.

For example, if you’re looking for something that’s pretty simple and IBJJF legal, you might be interested in the “Accent Minimalist” shorts which are almost mostly black with the XMartial logo down the right leg (something you’ll find on almost all XMartial shorts).

If an understated design isn’t so much your thing, XMartial offers loads of more colorful, flamboyant options. The “Maze” shorts, with electric blue and neon pink, is one of our favorite designs.

Finally, if you want to wear something that’s even more eye-catching, something that might get you some extra looks, XMartial has no shortage of unique and silly designs. Some of our favorites include the “Comic Power,” “Sundae Best,” and “Panda Slam.”

For the shorts we reviewed, we settled on the “Rave” – a design that’s definitely not simple, but also far from the craziest shorts XMartial offers.

Specifics of the XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts

Design options are certainly a matter of personal taste. But as for the comfort, durability, and overall fit of the shorts? That’s much less subjective, and there are specific features that will make all BJJ shorts better.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the specifics of the XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts

Gel waistband

The interior waistband of the XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts is made up of a rubber/gel panel – a key feature that sets these shorts apart from other brands.

This gel panel provides some added traction on the waistband, ensuring that the shorts won’t shift from side to side or ride up or down during a long training session. And because it’s gel, the panel provides some added cushioning around the hips, which is something we felt made these shorts much more comfortable to wear.

Internal drawstring

All of the XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts have an internal drawstring, which further ensures that the shorts fit snugly around the waist and won’t be pulled down during a training session.

The shorts we reviewed were XMartial’s first generation of Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts, and these also have a velcro enclosure. 

We were happy to see that XMartial’s 2.0 Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts are velcro-free, which is an ideal feature for comfort. The velcro enclosure and flaps tend to fray after several washes, and the feel of velcro on the skin can be very irritating or even scratch a training partner. For that reason, we’d much prefer XMartial’s newer shorts over the original.

And in the words of 10th Planet black belt Brandon Mccaghren, “you don’t want that velcro when you got a little bit of hamburger meat hanging over the top.”

Split seam legs

Full range of motion and mobility is key for no-gi grappling and BJJ. The XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts tend to run on the shorter side (a size medium is 15 inches long), which does a lot to ensure full mobility.

Another key feature contributing to mobility is the split seam legs. On the outside of each leg, there is a 3-inch split which is hardly noticeable at first glance but nonetheless helps your legs move more freely at the end of your range of motion.

Moisture-wicking material

Of course, the material that makes up the shorts is one of the most important features.

The XMartial Hybrid MMA/BJJ shorts are 100 percent polyester. This is a slightly heavier fabric than you might find on other training shorts, but due to the moisture-wicking properties, these shorts definitely don’t feel too hot or heavy on those summer training days.

Hidden mouthguard pocket

The XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts also feature an internal, hidden mouthguard pocket. This comes in handy at competitions when you need somewhere to stash your mouthguard during your warm-up or in between matches.

Sublimated graphics

Finally, it’s important to note that the XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts all have completely sublimated graphics. We absolutely love this feature.

Because the graphics aren’t ironed or stitched on, they won’t ever fray or wear off over time and after many washes. This also makes the shorts feel and look much more expensive than they actually are.

The bottom line on the XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts

We love the XMartial Hybrid BJJ/MMA shorts for their gel waistband, sturdy construction, and seemingly endless design options. The shorts are made of a relatively thick polyester material and are cut in a way to ensure a full range of motion.

We were less pleased to see the velcro enclosure on the initial version of the shorts but were happy to see that the 2.0 version is velcro-free.

If you do choose to buy from Xmartial, use promo code GRAPPLINGINSIDE for 10% off. Just follow this link and enter the promo code at checkout.


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