Grappling Insider’s 2023 Holiday BJJ Gift Guide

This is Grappling Insider’s Holiday BJJ Gift Guide, complete with 24 gift recommendations for the special grappler in your life.

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With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to start looking for gifts for the BJJ-obsessed person in your life.

Whether you’re dealing with a new white belt who just got the jiu-jitsu bug or a veteran black belt who seems to already own everything related to grappling, we have you covered this holiday season. We’ve combed the internet for the best deals and products on all things BJJ, and we’re confident you’ll find something below to fit any budget.

So, without further ado, here is our 2023 holiday BJJ gift guide.

Gifts for training BJJ at home

For some grapplers, training doesn’t stop when class is over and they’ve left the academy. For others, a long commute or other obligations might make it difficult to make it to the gym as often as they’d like.

When this is the case, many jiu-jitsu enthusiasts choose to get some training done at home. If that special person in your life falls into this category, you have a couple of top options for gifts: at-home mats and training dummies.

At-home mats for BJJ

When it comes to at-home mats for jiu-jitsu, the most important factor is making sure you don’t get mats that are too thin. Anything less than 1.25 inches of thickness simply won’t cut it for grappling; the mats will be unsafe for any type of quick movements or impacts and will rapidly deteriorate in quality.

At-home mats come in two main styles: roll-out or puzzle mats. Roll-out mats are generally thicker and of higher quality, but offer less flexibility in terms of where in the home they can be placed and tend to be more expensive.

Puzzle mats, on the other hand, allow you to fit them into different shapes and rooms big or small, offering plenty of versatility. However, puzzle mats are often of lesser quality and are more likely to be damaged over time.

Our top 3 recommendations:

1 – Dollamur FLEXI-Roll mats

If you live in a hot and humid area like Florida and your training area is going to be out in a garage, which is not air conditioned, then these Dollamur FLEXI-Roll mats should be at the top of your list.   The reason being Dollamur treats them with an Bio-Pruf anti-microbial which is extremely germ resistant.   This means you will have to worry about those pesky skin infections to a much lesser extent.  

These mats measure 5ft x 10ft x 1.25 inches thick.  Just like the Z Mats discussed above you do not need to put these mats together to train.  Simply roll the mat out and you’re good to go.  However, because they are only 1.25 inches thick you may not want to go flying triangle crazy.  

2 – IncStores Home Cheer Carpet Top Mats (roll-out mats)

If you want great mats which give you a number of combinations to choose from you’re going to love the IncStores Home Cheer Carpet Top Mats.  Depending on the dimensions of your training space you can choose between 4’ x 6’, 5’ x 10’ and 6’ x 42’ mats.  If you need an even bigger size you can connect multiple mats together with the heavy duty Velcro strips which are found along the outside edges of the mats.  

Mobility is another plus of the IncStores Home Cheer Carpet Top Mats.  You simply unroll them to train and roll them back up when you’re done.  

3 – Greatmats Home MMA BJJ Interlocking Puzzle Tile Mats

If you’re looking to go the puzzle mat route, our top recommendation goes to Greatmats – a respected supplier of mats and martial arts equipment. With 1.5 inches of thickness, these mats are plenty thick for hard grappling sessions and even judo, if you’d like to practice your takedowns at home. What’s more, they’re made up of a waterproof, no-burn surface that will make any home gym feel like a high-end BJJ academy.

These mats are available in black and gray or red and blue, come in packs of 10, and include border strips to ensure a clean finish and a professional-looking home gym.

Training dummies for BJJ

A quality training dummy will allow the BJJ-obsesses person in your life to drill techniques and submissions at home and – importantly – without a partner. So if you’re tired of your significant other trying to ankle lock you on the couch or slap a choke on you in the kitchen, get him or her a training dummy to practice on instead.

If you haven’t already, check out our complete buyer’s guide to help you pick the right dummy.

Training dummies range from budget to high-end, from realistic human shapes to simple shapes. In general, you’ll want to figure out what the grappler wants to use the dummy for to help you determine which option is right. Will the dummy be used for a workout? Pick something like the Revgear Motion Master for plenty of movement. Will the dummy be used for drilling specific techniques? Consider splurging for the Fairtex dummy with its human-like shape.

Our top 3 recommendations:

1 – Fairtex New GD2 Maddox Grappling Dummy

This is the Cadillac of grappling dummies. If you’re looking to go big this holiday season, the Fairtex GD2 Maddox Grappling Dummy is a great option. It is a full-size, adult grappling dummy that comes pre-filled and is pliable (the arms and legs can be manipulated). Because the dummy sits naturally in a kneeling position, it is ideal for practicing techniques from the guard, or you can place the dummy on its back to drill passing and transitions from top position. Additionally, the dummy has a long neck that is ideal for drilling chokes, but at least one reviewer has cautioned that because the shoulders can be stiff, drilling anaconda or d’arce chokes is very difficult.

This might be the most durable grappling dummy on the market, and buyers should have confidence in the Fairtex brand.

2 – Revgear Motion Master

The Revgear Motion Master is a top-of-the-line limbless grappling dummy. It comes filled at about 55 pounds and is less than five feet long. Without any arms or legs to get in the way, the Motion Master is perfect exactly that — motion. This dummy would be a great option for grapplers looking for high-paced, movement-based workouts and drilling sessions. The dummy also comes with suggested drills from catch wrestling legend Erik Paulsen, so you can start training immediately and with confidence.

Like any limbless dummy, you won’t be able to drill submissions like armbars or leg locks. However, you can easily put a gi top on the dummy and drill collar chokes from both top and bottom position.

Shop directly from Revgear and be sure to enter promo code INSIDER10 at checkout for 10 percent off your entire purchase.

3 – Aoneky Grappling Dummy

The Aoneky Grappling Dummy is a good option for a budget-conscious buyer looking for a quality straight-legged dummy. The dummy comes unfilled and is a full six feet in length. Like any other straight-legged dummy, it is great for drilling stand-up techniques such as throws, clinch entries, standing joint locks, and all types of wrestling takedowns. And because it comes un-filled, owners can stuff the dummy as light or as heavy as they like.

Of course, drilling jiu-jitsu techniques on a straight-legged dummy can be difficult, but not impossible. We love this option for its price tag and overall durability.

Training gear

Perhaps the most obvious gift for any BJJ practitioner is training gear – gis, rashguards, and training shorts. Not only are these necessary items for anyone looking to do jiu-jitsu but they also serve as a perfect gift, because what’s better than walking into the gym in the new year with some fresh swag?


Jiu-jitsu gis come in a wide range of styles and vary greatly in terms of quality. If you’re buying a gi for the holidays, our biggest piece of advice is to make sure you get the sizing correct. If you don’t know your person’s measurements, get them. The biggest disappointment is getting a brand new gi only to find it doesn’t fit.

To that end, check the manufacturer’s sizing guide before you purchase any gi. If your recipient’s measurements don’t fit in any sizes, don’t buy that gi.

Below are our top three recommendations for BJJ gis, but if you haven’t already, check out our freshly updated BJJ gi buyer’s guide, complete with everything you need to know about purchasing a gi, as well as our top 10 picks.

Our top 3 recommendations

1 – Revgear Venice Top-of-the-Line Gi

In terms of overall quality of construction, design, and bang for your buck, our top recommendation goes to Revgear’s Venice gi – a perfect gift for the holidays. Available in the three classic colors of white, blue, and black, this gi checks all the boxes for what we like in a top-end kimono.

To sweeten the deal, Revgear is now offering this premium gi for under $100 – just enter promo code BESTGI at checkout.

2 – Tatami Elements Superlite

If your BJJ person likes to compete and/or you live in a hot and humid climate, you can’t go wrong with a lightweight gi. For that reason, recommend the Tatami Elements Superlight. 

Not only does this look sharp and come in at an incredibly light weight, it also comes from one of the most respected brands in jiu-jitsu, so you know you can trust the quality of the product.

3 – Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite Jiu-Jitsu Gi

For something much less traditional and much more eye-catching, go big for the Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite Jiu-Jitsu Gi. This would be the perfect gift for the BJJ practitioner who is also a fan of the Marvel movies and comic books.

While this gi comes in the traditional options of white, blue, and black, each color corresponds to a specific Marvel character (white for Venom, blue for Captain America, and black for Punisher). Each gi has a unique design on the outside, as well as unique artwork on the inside of the jacket. 

Rash guards

For a less expensive option than a gi, a rash guard might the ideal holiday gift. Worn both during no-gi practice and often under the gi during gi practice, rash guards protect the skin from painful mat burn and skin infections, and give the grappler a chance to showcase some extra style and personality.

For a gift, only you know your person the best. Does he or she have a relatively understated, simple sense of style? Or is it more flashy and flamboyant? Whichever it is, we’ve got you covered.

Our top 3 recommendations

1 – Something flashy – The Xmartial Rash Guard

For something with a bit of pizazz, humor, or bright colors, you simply can’t go wrong with a unique rash guard from Xmartial. Whether it’s a reference to an iconic TV show like Game of Thrones, a festive Santa’s Elf rash guard, or a rash guard that celebrates your love for donuts, Xmartial offers dozens upon dozens of designs. Check them out for yourself; you’re sure to find a design that’s the perfect gift.

Xmartial offers their rash guards in both long and short sleeves, as well as men and women’s cuts.

And if you haven’t already, read our full review of the XMartial rash guard – and be sure to use promo code GRAPPLINGINSIDE for 10% off of your purchase.

2 – Something classic – Progress Jiu Jitsu Academy Rashguard

On the other end of the spectrum, we recommend the Progress Jiu Jitsu Academy rash guard for a timeless and streamlined look. One of the most respected brands in BJJ, Progress consistently puts out quality products and this item is no exception. 

The rash guard – available in black or blue, long sleeve or short – is simple yet classy and would make an ideal gift for a grappler with a refined sense of style. 

3 – Something functional – Revgear Bionic Compression Shirt

If you live in a hotter climate, or if the special grappler in your life is constantly complaining about ruining gear with sweat, we recommend the Revgear Bionic Compression Shirt. Available in four different color options, this rash guard is made of high-tech moisture wicking material, DuraStitch NeverSplit seams, and includes a side ventilation panel to keep the grappler cool while training in the steamiest of environments.

Shop for the Revgear Bionic Compression Shirt directly from Revgear, and be sure to use promo code INSIDER10 for 10% off your entire order.

BJJ shorts

Rounding out our suggestions for BJJ training gear gifts are training shorts. These aren’t just regular athletic shorts, but shorts designed specifically for grappling. Most will be made up of some type of moisture-wicking fabric, have no pockets, and have an internal drawstring to keep the shorts from slipping down while grappling.

If you’re thinking about gifting a pair of shorts for the holidays, keep in mind that these will only be useful if the grappler in your life practices no-gi jiu-jitsu.

Our top 3 recommendations

1 – Progress Jiu Jitsu Academy Board Shorts

For a pair of super lightweight shorts that allow for full range of movement all while looking sleek and stylish, we love Progress’s Academy Board Shorts. Available in black or blue, these shorts are ideal for long training sessions and hot climates, as the lightweight fabric and loose fit allows for maximum breathability.

What’s more, Progress is one of the finest apparel brands on the scene, so you know you’ll be gifting a high-quality product.

2 – Hayabusa Hexagon Mid-Thigh Fight Short

If your budget is a bit bigger these holidays, we love the ultra-high-end Hexagon fight shorts from Hayabusa. These shorts are available in six different colors, each with an eye-catching design that screams top-of-the-line. We love that these shorts maximize comfort with a form-fitting elastic waistband and internal draw string, and that they’re made up of extremely durable, tear-resistant fabric, ensuring that this is a gift that will last for years to come.

3 – Endless designs from XMartial

XMartial – the king of unique BJJ apparel and gear – offers well over 100 designs of shorts for the grappler in your life. Ranging from loud and colorful to simple and understated, XMartial is sure to carry a design that’s perfect for the grappler in your life.

But beyond the seemingly endless design options, we were blown away by the overall quality of these shorts, which feature all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a much more expensive product. For more information on the XMartial BJJ shorts, read our full product review here.

Shop directly from XMartial, and be sure to use promo code GRAPPLINGINSIDE for 10% off your entire purchase.

BJJ apparel

Beyond training gear, many grapplers will enjoy a gift that allows them to show their love for BJJ outside of the gym. If your person simply can’t stop talking about jiu-jitsu morning, noon, and night, we recommend giving them a piece of unique BJJ apparel.

Our top 3 recommendations

1 – Revgear Jitz Jacket

At first glance, Revgear’s Jitz Jacket might look like a simple, straightforward coat. But upon further inspection, you’ll find that this jacket is BJJ to its core.

Lined with a heavy and comfortable fleece interior, the exterior of the jacket is made up of gi material and finished with a Revgear patch on the sleeve. We’ve personally tried out the Jitz Jacket and can confirm it’s plenty warm for the winter months, all while letting the world know your love for grappling.

Shop for the Jitz Jacket directly from Revgear, and be sure to use promo code INSIDER 10 for 10% off your entire order

2 – Hoodies and shirts from XMartial

Simply put, XMartial is king when it comes to BJJ-specific shirts and hoodies. Offering over 60 unique designs – ranging from the “Live, Laugh, Leglock” shirt to a “Jitsusaurus” dinosaur design, you’re sure to find something for the grappler in your life.

Each design is available in a classic short-sleeve t-shirt, a tank top, or a hoodie.

Shop for shirts and hoodies directly from XMartial, and be sure to use promo code GRAPPLINGINSIDE for 10% off your purchase.

3 – I’d Rather Be Training Jiu Jitsu Socks

Rounding out our recommendations for BJJ-related apparel are the jiu-jitsu socks by PXTIDY. As the name suggests, these lightweight, stretchy, breathable socks display the phrase “I’d Rather Be Training Jiu Jitsu.”

Simply put, these socks are an excellent gift for the person in your life who lives and breathese jiu-jitsu! 

Gifts for BJJ knowledge and study

If the grappler in your life is a true student of the game, devouring instructionals and constantly reviewing techniques learned in class, you should consider a gift to help him or her studying jiu-jitsu at home.

Our top 3 recommendations

1 – Learn BJJ history with Robert Drysdale’s “Opening Closed Guard”

The history of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is complicated. Top BJJ black belt Robert Drysdale takes a deep dive into the origins of this art and reveals plenty of eye-opening facts. While the book is quite well written, it’s no quick, overnight read. Instead, this would be the perfect gift for an avid reader, lover of history, or simply someone interested in understanding the real story behind Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Grappling Insider spoke to Drysdale about his book back in 2021 – check that out here.

2 – A technique encyclopedia with Saulo Ribeiro’s Jiu-Jitsu University

Widely regarded as the premier text on BJJ training and techniques, Saulo Ribeiro’s Jiu-Jitsu University is a must-have for any grappler in search of a truly comprehensive guide to the sport. A legendary competitor and instructor, Ribeiro guides readers through over 200 techniques from white to black belt. The book was first published in 2008 and has since held up to the test of time, as countless high-level grapplers and instructors still look to Jiu-Jitsu University to answer any technical questions.

3 – Develop personal goals with a Jiu-Jitsu Training Journal

For grapplers who love to learn techniques at class but complain about forgetting what was taught, a training journal might be the perfect solution. Complete with space to describe and sketch the techniques taught, rolling notes, and a calendar for tracking class attendance, this Jiu-Jitsu Training Journal makes a great gift for the grappler looking to optimize his or her learning.

BJJ gift stocking stuffers

Finally, if you’re just looking for something small to add to your grappler’s stocking, we’ve got you covered. 

Our top 3 recommendations

1 – Create iron hands with the PROHANDS Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Whether the grappler in your life does gi, no-gi, or both, you can rest assured that they wish they had a stronger grip. Grip strength is a critical attribute in all types of grappling, and we believe that the PROHANDS Gripmaster is perhaps the best product on the market for strengthening the hands.

What we love about this product is that it allows each individual finger to be strengthened separately, eliminating any imbalances that might exist in the grip. And at under $20, this makes an ideal stock stuffer.

2 – Display your rank with the OKAPIS Jiu Jitsu Key Chain

Is the grappler in your life a new blue belt who can’t stop talking about being a blue belt? Maybe it’s a black belt who wants everyone to know he’s a black belt. Look no further than these lovely key chains, which look like miniature BJJ belts and are available in all the main ranks – white, blue, purple, brown, and black. This makes for a thoughtful and fitting gift for any jiu-jitsu enthusiast. 

3 – Protect your fingers with Monkey Tape

If your grappler comes home from class complaining about swollen knuckles and sore fingers, a package of Monkey Tape – specifically designed with grapplers in mind – is the perfect way to say you care (and you’re tired of listening to them complain). Monkey Tape is probably the most respected and trusted finger tape brand on the market. Dependable and uniquely woven to wick sweat, Monkey Tape is easy to put on and take off, but won’t fray or slip during training.

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