Mario Lopez Competes With Son and Wins Gold at Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

Credit: Instagram – @mariolopez

Yesterday, ‘Saved by the Bell’ actor Mario Lopez competed at Gracie Barra Compnet in Orange County California in the blue belt division and got first place on the podium, taking home the gold. Although the gold medal was just a bonus,Lopez’s main motive was to compete with his son in the same tournament. His son also got a bronze medal in his division, making it a win win for them both.

Mario Lopez posted on Instagram:

“When your son asks you to compete in the same tournament as him, you do it. You’re never too old to challenge your yourself & set goals…Thank you to all the homies who helped get us ready!”

Credit: Instagram – @mariolopez

One of the biggest names in the sport, Gordon Ryan posted on his Instagram about a discussion Mario had with him about competing, and praised Lopez for his dominant performances,

“If there’s one thing I wish I could’ve done with my dad it’s compete in the same tournament as him. @mariolopez called me a few weeks ago and asked what I thought about him jumping into a competition his son asked him to do. I told him “why not?”. He does this for fun anyways so it won’t matter whether he wins or loses. What I didn’t tell him is that this is something that every single kid will remember forever if they get to experience it. I know I didn’t forget the fact that big gord was at almost every single competition I had. This is gonna be a moment to look back on.. and he fucking KILLED it from what I’m seeing and even went down 10 years In age division. Imagine going home to your wife and telling her you got beat up by Mario Lopez? 😂. So happy for this man.”

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