Medusa 1 Results and Video Highlights: Fatima Kline, Brianna Ste-Marie Win Gold

On Saturday, October 2, Medusa Jiu-Jitsu held its inaugural event. The card featured a pair of all-women tournaments โ€” one at 115-pounds held under EBI rules, and one at 135-pounds held under combat jiu-jitsu (CJJ) rules. View the full results and highlights from Medusa 1 below.

Fatima Kline submits three to win EBI tournament

ADCC trials silver medalist Fatima Kline put on an impressive performance, tapping three opponents in regulation to win the 115-pound EBI tournament.

In the first round, Kline made quick work of Samantha Villareal, latching on to a toehold early, getting the tap in just 24 seconds. Next, Kline squared off with UFC fighter Vanessa Demopoulos. Kline used excellent pressure passing, and after surviving a teepee choke attempt, she moved to side control, then to Demopoulosโ€™ back, finally finishing an armbar with just under three minutes remaining in regulation.

The finals of the EBI tournament saw Kline taking on 16-year old phenom Trinity Pun. Early on, Kline looked to pass from the headquarters position. But about three minutes into the regulation period, Kline back-stepped into a kneebar that she quickly extended, securing the tap and the Medusa championship.

Brianna Ste-Marie wins more CJJ gold

The CJJ tournament saw current CJJ flyweight champion Brianna Ste-Marie walk away a champion yet again on the strength of three submissions โ€” two of which came during the regulation period.

In her opening match, Ste-Marie used a heavy pressure pass to move to mount on April Parks. From there, Ste-Marie landed heavy strikes, forcing Parks to turn to give up her back; Ste-Marie quickly sunk in the rear-naked choke for the tap. In the next round, Ste-Marie quickly pulled guard on Sophia Nordeno, worked a high guard to sink in a clean triangle choke, earning the submission in under 90 seconds, punching her ticket to the CJJ finals against Atos black belt Nikki Sullivan.

In the finals, Ste-Marie worked from the top position for much of the regulation period, defending Sullivanโ€™s attempts to enter on the legs while landing an occasional ground strike. With two minutes remaining in regulation, Ste-Marie attacked from her closed guard, nearly securing an armbar before Sullivan was able to slip out. Ste-Marie ended the regulation period landing hard strikes while again chasing an armbar. In overtime, Ste-Marie secured an armbar finish in the second round, earning her the Medusa CJJ bantamweight title.

Full Medusa 1 results and highlights:

EBI rules โ€“ First round

  • Kiaya Jackson def. Rita Lynne de Alba via submission (rear-naked choke) in OT
  • Trinity Pun def. Celine Haga via submission (rear-naked choke)
  • Fatima Kline def. Samantha Villarreal via submission (toehold)
  • Vanessa Demopoulos def. Brittany Way via escape time in OT

CJJ rules โ€“ First round

  • Nikki Sullivan def. Gillian Robertson via submission (kneebar)
  • Brianna Ste-Marie def. April Parks via submission (rear-naked choke)
  • Sophia Nordeno def. Laurah Hallock via submission (heel hook)

EBI rules โ€“ Semifinals

  • Trinity Pun def. Kiaya Jackson via submission (triangle choke)
  • Fatima Kline def. Vanessa Demopoulos via submission (armbar)

CJJ rules โ€“ Semifinals

  • Nikki Sullivan def. Julianna Miller via submission (dโ€™arce choke)
  • Brianna Ste-Marie def. Sophia Nordeno via submission (triangle choke)

EBI rules special match

  • Mattie Brown def. Rita Lynne de Alba via submission (armbar) in OT

CJJ rules special match

  • Ffion Davis def. Jennifer Rivera via submission (armbar)

EBI rules โ€“ Final

  • Fatima Kline def. Trinity Pun via submission (kneebar)

CJJ rules โ€“ Final

  • Brianna Ste-Marie def. Nikki Sullivan via submission (armbar) in OT

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