Micael Galvao Will Compete at WNO, Third Coast Grappling on Back-to-Back Nights

Micael Galvao has a very busy weekend ahead of him. Just a few weeks after the 17-year old Brazilian jiu-jitsu phenom made a big splash on the North American competition scene by winning the no-gi Pans (brown belt) and dominating Andrew Tackett at Who’s Number One (WNO) Galvao is set to keep the ball rolling by competing in major events on back-to-back nights. On Friday, June 18, he will face elite black belt Oliver Taza at WNO. The very next day, he will compete in the Third Coast Grappling middleweight grand prix.

Oliver Taza might be the best and most accomplished grappler the young Galvao will have faced in his career. A black belt under John Danaher and a leading representative of the Danaher Death Squad, Taza is a leg lock specialist with ever-improving wrestling and a wealth of experience. He is coming off a close decision win over Jonatha Alves at WNO.

Win or lose against Taza, Galvao will then travel from Austin to Houston, where he will spend his Saturday night competing in the Third Coast Grappling middleweight grand prix.

Galvao will face ADCC veteran and Amal Easton black belt John Combs in the first round of the eight-man tournament. If he beats Combs, Galvao will have to compete up to two more times that night to win the $15,000 purse to the grand prix winner.

Micael Galvao is one of the most exciting prospects in all of jiu-jitsu right now. Not unlike Tye and Kade Ruotolo, Galvao has made a name for himself as an incredibly talented and mature teenage grappler, already with numerous wins over legitimate black belt competitors. If he is able to beat Taza and win the Third Coast Grappling grand prix all in the same weekend, Galvao will have officially announced himself as a true force at the highest levels of grappling.

Ben Coate

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