New Video Surfaces Showing BJ Penn Knocked Out in Bar Fight

Early today, TMZ broke the news (with video) that BJ Penn had been involved in a serious altercation outside a bar in his native Hawaii. Now, new video has surfaced showing a separate fight with the same person, which apparently happened earlier in the evening.

In the video, BJ is fighting off a single leg takedown from an unknown opponent, but clearly the same man from the later video. After the takedown attempt, BJ seems to taunt the man to punch him, which he does.

BJ takes two clean punches to the face, the second which drops him to the concrete. He seems briefly out before being revived by an onlooker as the two are separated.

TMZ is reporting that the unnamed man had been following BJ during the evening, trying to bait him into an altercation. After being knocked down, the two fought again later in the evening, although it’s not clear how much time elapsed in between.

While the two may not be comparable, it’s worth noting that BJ has never been knocked out, or even knocked down, in his long MMA career.

2019 hasn’t been kind to the aging former UFC champion. In April, his ex-girlfriend filed a restraining order against him and alleged physical and sexual abuse. In June, he was videotaped brawling outside a strip club.

His professional career hasn’t faired much better. One considered a pound-for-pound great, BJ Penn hasn’t won an MMA fight in nine years.

Louis Martin

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