Quintet Ultra Results

Kazushi Sakuraba’s Quintet cements itself as a top tier submission grappling competition with Quintet Ultra – a fun concept and an exciting ruleset.  The team grappling approach is very promising, especially when the teams are some of the best organizations in MMA history: UFC, PRIDE, Strikeforce and WEC.

With Gilbert Burns as their anchor, UFC fought to the last man to win the first Quintet Ultra title, defeating the PRIDE and Strikeforce teams in a grueling team submission battle.

Singles Matches Results

Craig Jones def. Fredson Paixao by rear naked choke

Danielle Kelly def. Cynthia Calvillo by ankle lock (:17)

Gordan Ryan def. Aleksei Oleinik by kneebar (1:07)

Quintet Ultra Results

UFC vs PRIDE Lineup Order


  1. Sean O’Malley
  2. Anthony Johnson
  3. Clay Guida
  4. Anthony Smith
  5. Gilbert Burns


  1. Takanori Gomi
  2. Hector Lombard
  3. Gregor Gracie
  4. Yves Edwards
  5. Kazushi Sakuraba

Rd. 1: Sean O’Malley def. Takanori Gomi by Guillotine (2:47)

Rd. 2: Hector Lombard def. Sean O’Malley by Straight ankle lock  (:46)

Rd. 3: Hector Lombard DRAW Anthony Johnson

Rd. 4: Gregor Gracie def. Clay Guide by arm bar. (5:25)

Rd. 5: Gregor Grace DRAW Anthony Smith

Rd. 6: Gilbert Burns def. Yves Edward by RNC (5:30)

Rd. 7: Gilbert Burns def. Kazushi Sakuraba by Judges’ Decision

UFC defeats Pride to move on to the finals.

Strikeforce vs. WEC Lineup Order


  1. JZ Cavalcante
  2. Jake Shields
  3. Muhammad Lawal
  4. Gilbert Melendez
  5. Babalu Sobral


  1. Chad Mendes
  2. Mark Munoz
  3. Cub Swanson
  4. Glover Teixiera
  5. James Krause

Rd. 1: JZ Cavalcante DRAW Chad Mendes

Rd. 2:  Jake Shields def. Mark Muñoz by arm triangle (4:48)

Rd. 3: Jake Shields def. Cub Swanson by injury (5:18)

Rd. 4: Jake Shields DRAW Glover Teixiera 

Rd. 5: James Krause def. Muhammed Lawal by guillotine (1:03)

Rd. 6: James Krause DRAW Gilbert Melendez

Strikeforce defeats WEC to move on to the finals.

UFC vs. Strikeforce Lineup Order


  1. Clay Guida
  2. Anthony Johnson
  3. Sean O’Malley
  4. Anthony Smith
  5. Gilbert Burns


  1. Babalu Sobral
  2. Muhammed Lawal
  3. Gilbert Melendez
  4. JZ Cavalcante
  5. Jake Shields

Rd.1: Clay Guida DRAW Babalu Sobral

Rd 2: Anthony Johnson DRAW Muhammed Lawal

Rd.3: Sean O’Malley DRAW Gilbert Melendez

Rd.4: Anthony Smith DRAW JZ Cavalcante

Rd.5:  Gilbert Burns def. Jake Shields by Judges’ Decision.

Team UFC wins Quintet Ultra

For Quintet’s official site and more news about Quintet, click here.

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