SUG 27 Results and Video Highlights: Mason Fowler Retains Title Against Gabriel Checco

Submission Underground (SUG) absolute champion Mason Fowler has now successfully defended his title nine times. On Sunday at SUG 27, Fowler took on SUG veteran Gabriel Checco and yet again walked away with his belt. And in the co-main event, Bellator MMA and former SUG tag team champion Cris Lencioni defeated SUG and combat jiu-jitsu veteran Zack Schneider.

Fowler found some success in the five-minute regulation period of the main event. With about two minutes remaining in regulation, Fowler snapped Checco to the mat, quickly took his back, and attacked a rear-naked choke before moving to an armbar. Checco narrowly escaped that armbar, bringing the match to overtime.

In overtime, Fowler and Checco traded escapes from the back in the first round, but Fowler was able to secure a tap by way of face crank in the top of the second round. Fowler then escaped Checco’s back control to secure the win and retain his title.

Fowler now awaits the SUG number-one contender, 10th Planet’s Kyle Boehm. Boehm won the SUG absolute grand prix earlier this year to win the title shot.

View the full SUG 27 results and video highlights below.

  • Mason Fowler def. Gabriel Checco via submission (face crank) in OT
  • Cris Lencioni def. Zack Schneider via submission (rear-naked choke) in OT
  • Aaron Tiegs def. Micah Brakefield via submission (rear-naked choke) in OT
  • Kaniela Kahuanui def. Adam Smith via submission (armbar) in OT
  • Travis Moor def. Alex Larmey via submission (rear-naked choke) in OT
  • Sean McCleary def. Juan Bernardo via Aoki lock
  • Andrew Alexander def. Daniel Swain via heel hook
  • Mark Hamel def. Dan Walsh via heel hook
  • Phelan Carron def. Josiah Iwamizu via Peruvian neck-tie
  • John Simon def. Daniel Gladly via heel hook

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