ADCC adds third weight class in women’s category

ADCC have officially added a third weight class in the women’s division.

The previous women’s weight classes were -60kg and +60kg and it has been like that since 2007; coming up to nearly 16 years. It was about time that the submission grappling promotion introduced some more weight divisions for women. The new weight classes will be -55kg, -65kg and +65kg. These weight classes will be applicable to both ADCC Trials and the ADCC World Championship 2024.

For comparison, when you look at the male division, they have five weight classes to choose from: Lightweight (-66kg), Welterweight (-77kg), Middleweight (-88kg), Light Heavyweight (-99kg) and Heavyweight (+99kg).

The addition of new weight classes has presumably come about from more women competing and more women speaking out about the limited opportunities presented to women within jiu-jitsu. Having to make a decision to fight in one of two categories is tough for smaller opponents who risk being at a significant disadvantage when at the bottom of their weight category.

These new options allow women to cut, go up or just be able to have a match in their actual weight category; as opposed to having to pick one out of two options. Every athlete involved has a decision to make on going up or down and it will benefit some more than others.

ADCC announced the news on their official website.

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