Nick Rodriguez calls out Gordon Ryan for USADA-tested match, Ryan declines

Nick Rodriguez called for an EBI-rules match against Gordon Ryan with USADA testing and Ryan declined.

Last Thursday, at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational (“FPI”) 4, two-time ADCC silver medalist Nick Rodriguez put on a stellar performance to win an eight-man absolute grand prix, defeating Roberto Jimenez, Vagner Rocha, and “Big” Dan Manasoiu in three straight EBI-rules matches to take home $30,000 in prize money.

Immediately after his tournament-clinching victory over Manasoiu, Rodriguez used his post-match interview to call out former Danaher Death Squad teammate Gordon Ryan.

Rodriguez said:

“I came here today to show you guys just how good I am. In addition, you see this physique, right? We got this guy, this guy named Gordon Ryan that keeps accusing me of being on steroids. So let’s do this. All the accusations, let’s go 10-minute match, EBI overtime but with a catch, let’s both pass USADA drug tests before and after competition. Pretty fair, right? He’s accusing, I’m showing up and competing. Let’s get it done.”

On top of their history as former teammates, the two heavyweight grapples have twice competed against each other. First, in the final of the 2022 ADCC World Championships, Ryan submitted Rodriguez in a relatively quick fashion with an outside heel hook.

Next, in December at the FPI Invitational 3, Ryan earned a close and competitive victory over Rodriguez via escape time in EBI overtime.

That match subsequently kicked off a feud between the two grapplers, with Ryan accusing Rodriguez of greasing. Rodriguez fired back with comments about Ryan’s (well-known) steroid use. In turn, Ryan claimed that Rodriguez was himself on steroids. The B-Team representative then passed a drug test and was deemed to be a natural athlete by the popular YouTube channel “More Plates More Dates.”

Gordon Ryan responds to Nick Rodriguez call-out

Ryan responded in the post-event press conference, and he declined to face Rodriguez in any match outside of a tournament.

“Everybody wants a payday, right? Me and Nicky Rod will compete again for sure but it’s gonna be in a tournament where he gets no relevancy off my name and he doesn’t make any money for losing to me a third time in a row. I’m sure we’ll compete again… You don’t call the shots and you’re not making any more money off my name.”

Ryan also addressed the stipulation of drug testing, which he also declined:

“First of all, no, because steroids are not illegal in jiu-jitsu. Number two, I actually have a contract coming to Nicky Rod for USADA and WADA testing from now until the next ADCC so interesting to see if he’s gonna sign that. Like I said, I make the rules. I name the time, I name the place, I name the ruleset because I earned that because I can actually win matches.” 

Ryan had previously stated that he planned to pay for Rodriguez’s random USADA testing, to which Rodriguez agreed.

Currently, Ryan is on the sidelines for an indefinite period of time due to ongoing stomach and health issues. He has not competed since he defeated Rodriguez last December.

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