Andre Galvao Talks Gordon Ryan Altercation: ‘I made a mistake. I recognize my mistake.’

We are now one week removed from the slap heard around the world. A week after the long-feuding Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao were involved in a backstage altercation that saw Ryan slapping Galvao, Galvalo issued a statement on what transpired.

“I was wrong,” Galvao said early on in his Instagram live video. “I wasn’t ready for aggression or anything, but I [said] mean things and the violence escalated…”

Galvao was largely apologetic of his conduct over the months leading up to the confrontation that took place at last week’s Who’s Number One event. Galvao was also apologetic of his conduct at the event, but said he does not regret his decision to not further escalate the violence.

“I fought professionally my entire life,” he said. “I know how to fight. I know how to do it… I knew that I could pay for the consequences… I just thought about my work and everything. I just kept composed… If I escalate the violence, something nasty can happen.”

Galvao also indicated that he’ll be backing off the online beefing with Ryan.

“I think trash talk is good to promote a fight but is not good for life… It’s not good for life and people can get hurt in the real world.”

Ultimately, Galvao was clear that he forgives Ryan.

“Gordon, I forgive you. I made a mistake. I recognize my mistake. People are telling me to do differently, but I forgive you, man… I don’t want any of my students from my team involved in this.”

Is this the end of the Gordon Ryan vs. Andre Galvao feud? Perhaps. Fans can certainly expect a dialing down of the trash talk, at least on Galvao’s end. Will Galvao’s top students like Kaynan Duarte and Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa, often targets of Ryan’s online ire, back off as well? That much isn’t clear.

Ben Coate

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