BJJ hygiene: 5 grappling essentials for training safe and clean

Check out these five BJJ hygiene tips for keeping your skin clean and safe from infection while keeping up with daily BJJ training.

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What’s shaking dedicated grapplers?

Let’s dive into the choke point on hygiene in our jiu-jitsu, MMA, judo, or wrestling world. You might think it’s all about smooth armbars and slick leg locks, but keeping it clean is just as crucial. Trust me, you don’t want to be that guy with the funky rash, turning heads on the mat for all the wrong reasons. Here are five smash reasons why keeping it fresh is way more important than you might’ve guessed.

1. Mat Mayhem: We all love the mats – that’s where the magic happens. But guess what else is happening? The spread of gnarly skin infections. It’s like a germ party, and everyone’s invited.

2. Essential Oil Power Moves: Enter tea tree oil, neem oil, and eucalyptus – a secret weapon against those sneaky skin invaders. They’re like the ninjas of essential oils, taking down microbes left and right. Use a soap with these all-natural ingredients or rub some on those high-risk spots, and you’re building a fortress against the unseen enemy. It’s like rolling with a force field.

3. Gear Game Strong: Regular showers are cool, but don’t sleep on your gear. Wash that stuff, or you’ll be passing more than just guard. Mindful gear maintenance is your ticket to the clean club. Your rash guard or gi might look rad, but it’s also a cozy home for bacteria. Give it a wash – yes, your belt too! No one wants to catch something from your sick moves and your funky gear.

4. Nutrition: Fuel for the Fight: Wanna boost your skin’s defense? It’s not all about arm triangles and wrist locks; it’s also about what you munch on. Load up on Vitamin C and Zinc. Your body will thank you, and so will your training partners.

5. The Outbreak Blues: Picture this: Your favorite gym shutting down for two weeks because of a skin infection outbreak. I’ve seen this at many gyms. It’s like canceling fight night but worse. Nobody wants that, right? Keep it clean, so we can keep the roll alive.

So there you have it, murder yogis – the lowdown on keeping it clean in our grappling realm. It’s not just about the submissions and sweeps; it’s about showing up fresh, both on and off the mat. Whether you’re dropping essential oils like a ninja or giving your gear some love, remember: Hygiene is our secret weapon in the fight against unseen enemies.

And hey, don’t forget the golden rule – you wouldn’t want your training partner side-eyeing you for all the wrong reasons. Imagine the horror of your favorite gym closing down for weeks because of a nasty skin infection outbreak. Let’s avoid that and keep the roll alive, shall we?

Remember, it’s not just about you – it’s about your training partners too. You don’t want to be that dude putting the whole gym on lockdown. So, keep it fresh keep it clean, and let’s roll without the funk. Stay crispy, my grappling friends!

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