Marcelo Garcia Set To Release Butterfly Guard Instructional

Marcelo Garcia, king of butterfly guard, hasn’t released an instructional available for purchase outside of his official website MGinaction since 2007. This is understandable of course, the four-time ADCC World Champion has earned the ability that only a few people in BJJ have: to sign people up to a private subscription. That would be reason enough alone to get excited about the announcement of a brand new instructional via BJJ Fanatics.

Fortunately for everyone, it’s not the only reason to look forward to his latest release. The upcoming instructional will be centered around the position that he really made his own, Butterfly Guard. Marcelo Garcia used butterfly hooks to great effect during his career and he often swept larger men using them along his way to victory at ADCC. That’s just one of a number of reasons that so many people see Garcia as the greatest BJJ competitor of all time. He truly paved the way as one of the first lighter men to blow through Absolute divisions and medal despite being at a significant size disadvantage, way before Lachlan Giles replicated his feats in 2019.

He popularized the use of butterfly hooks, particularly in No-Gi competition and this is something that persists as a favorite for grapplers like Adam Wardzinski even today. Garcia used butterfly hooks better than any other grappler either before or since his reign as king of the 77kg division and often used them in conjunction with his signature Marcelotine, a high-elbow grip variation of a Guillotine. I’d expect to see it make an appearance on his latest release, one that I’ll definitely be getting hold of.

To check if the Marcelo Garcia Butterfly Guard instructional is here yet, click here.

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