New Jersey Adopts Gracie Survival Tactics As Approved Police Training

The New Jersey Attorney General has just announced that Gracie Survival Tactics has now been approved as official police training. Before the state of New Jersey, it was the Manteca Police Department from Northern California that most recently started to implement Gracie Survival Tactics training; the only Jiu-Jitsu program that is certified for law enforcement in California. New Jersey is now one of many states to have approved the Gracie Survival Tactics as official training for police officers. Hopefully many more will follow suit.

Improvement in Outcomes for All Involved

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a necessity for anyone involved in law enforcement. At least for those who wish to keep themselves, as well as the suspects, safe while carrying out their job. It’s been a little over a year since Rener Gracie first revealed his plan for national police reform in the United States and he’s already put his plan into action. The Marietta police department in Georgia helped Gracie bring his ideas to life by providing key data that confirms the use of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for officer training led to a measurable improvement in outcomes for all involved; officers, civilians and the state itself.

As the needs of under-funded police departments grow nationwide, never has it been more needed to advocate for police training reform. The New Jersey Attorney General recently determined that jiu-jitsu is a safe and approved method of training to become mandatory for all New Jersey officers to undertake.

Falling in line with the New Jersey Attorney General Use-of-Force Policy, the Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) program specializes in non-violent methods for police officers to apprehend a non-compliant suspect.

Rener Announces the News on his Instagram Account

Rener Gracie announced the news that New Jersey had approved Gracie Survival Tactics as training for police officers in a post to his official Instagram account:

@renergracie : “New Jersey Just made Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) an approved defensive tactics curriculum for all officers in the state. Thanks to all those involved in making it happen. This is just the beginning.”

You may read the entire New Jersey Police Training Commission’s proclamation by clicking here

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