Paulo Miyao Leaves Unity Jiu-Jitsu

Today must be a sad day for anyone who fights out of Unity Jiu-Jitsu as Paulo Miyao leaves the team which he started with his brother Joao, Murilo Santana, Ana Lowry, and Yago de Souza in New York City in December 2014. As of this writing, he has not announced any plans, nor has he explained whether he is joining another team, starting a new one of his own, or even if his brother and constant training partner, Joao, will be joining him. It all remains to be seen.
Paulo Miyao’s Instagram post announcing his departure from Unity Jiu-Jitsu

Translation: “Hey guys! Coming here to say that I am no longer part of Unity Jiu Jitsu. I thank everyone for these years together. All the luck in the world for you!”

Paulo Miyao leaves Unity Jiu-Jitsu in the above Instagram post

Joao Miyao did also put up a post shortly afterwards, although he hasn’t directly stated his intentions at all and the post itself is rather cryptic:
Joao Miyao’s post a few minutes after his brother’s announcement

It was only last year that both of the Miyao brothers have had success on the biggest stages of professional Jiu-Jitsu with Paulo managing to earn a bronze medal at ADCC 2019 after fighting his way through stiff competition, shortly followed by Joao managing to secure his fourth IBJJF No Gi World Championship gold medal. So at least one thing is for certain, no matter where either of the Miyao brothers train, they won’t stop winning medals.

Jeff Liwag

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