Gordon Ryan Teases A Big Superfight Announcement

We’re only less than two weeks away from Gordon Ryan’s next big superfight as he takes on Kyle Boehm at FloGrappling’s Who’s Number One? event on July 5th, but it looks as though the most successful American No Gi grappler in history and self-proclaimed No Gi GOAT is not content with just one fight on the horizon. In a recent post to social media, Ryan has teased fans by announcing that another superfight is right around the corner with “a legend you’ll never guess” for charity.

There is no shortage of legends of BJJ available for Gordon Ryan to compete against and no doubt most of them would be more than happy to take a superfight against him. There are at least a few names we could cross off the list of potential candidates due to previous insights given from key names in the sport. John Danaher openly said that Craig Jones’ time training with Ryan and the rest of the Danaher Death Squad has meant that the two will no longer be willing to face off in superfights and would only do so if forced to at a major tournament.

Of course, the name on everyone’s lips is Roger Gracie, although several major fight promoters have attempted to make this matchup before and have never had any success despite offering the legend massive paydays. Although interestingly, Ryan has made it clear that this match is for charity and if this was one related to the current Coronavirus pandemic, Gracie’s recent run-in with the virus might be enough to push him into wanting to give back to the world, and the BJJ community at the same time.

These aren’t the only options of course as Ryan’s recent beef with Keenan Cornelius is well known and Lachlan Giles impressed fans in his match with Ryan at ADCC 2019, despite the massive weight difference between the two. It’s worth noting as well that Ryan never mentioned what sport the legend he’s facing competes in, as last year saw him start a trend of competing against elite wrestlers when he took on Bo Nickal under a modified ruleset at Third Coast Grappling 3, shortly followed by two matches against Pat Downey under both BJJ and Wrestling rules at the BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix.

So, who do you think Gordon Ryan will be facing in his next superfight?

Alex Lindsey

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