Polaris 11: Davies vs. Alencar Live Results, Discussions, Play-by-Play

We’re live with updated play by play and results from Polaris 11. The main event features a rematch between Ffion on Davis and Talita Alencar. Also on the card is a long awaited fight between Edwin Najmi and Manshur Khera. Another intriguing matchup with be Ben Dyson against surging prospect Nick Rodriguez.

The prelim matches with be livestreamed on Facebook and we will have the results and the stream linked below.

Main Card Results

Ffion Davies vs Talita Alencar

Main event time and we are underway. Alancar being really aggressive off the bat practically slapping Davies. Davies is on top in Alancar is inverting and spinning for leg locks. The two women are being very physical.

Talida looks like she’s playing a lot of open guard like de la riva. Good sign that she’ll be hunting for leg locks here. Davies is really prioritizing guard passing using leg drags from the standing position. Davies just passed the guard she’s looking to secure a back take she has one hook in already. Alancar shook her off and now Alancar is on top. It’ll be interesting to see if Alancar has a similar focus on passing or if she’ll try to attack the legs. Brief scramble shows Alencar attempting a toehold on Davies. Ffion’s foot has slipped free and now she’s back on top looking to resume guard passing.

Davies looks like she’s having an easier and easier time passing Alancar’s guard. The two are reset in the center of the map. Alancar starting to look a little bit tired here only a few minutes in. But I could be wrong. The two women keep leaving the mat and having to get moved back to the center. Davies really liking these standing guard passes. They leave the mat and now Davies is completing the guard pass on hardwood.

The two women are getting stubborn with restarts. Telida does not want to give up a free guard pass from the center. They leave the center of the mats again. They’ve been reset probably five or six times now. Davies really having success with that single underhook guard pass. She has to Talita’s number with her guard passing game. Kind of refreshing to see people passing guard not just attacking leg locks all the time. Davies continues to dominate on top passing guard but also leaving the mat space as she does. You gotta wonder what would happen if they had infinite space and Davies was allowed to keep more of these positions.

Davies is on top in Talida’s half guard and it looks like she’s setting up a head and arm choke here. Alancar has her back flat on the mat and she’s given up an underhook. Action is starting to slow. Davies is completing a guard pass. Davies has plenty of time now, they’re right in the center of the mat and Toledo seems to be slowing down considerably from the bottom of half guard. Alancar’s just barely managing to keep Ffion in half guard but she’s not looking comfortable while she’s doing it.

Telida starting to work a little more from bottom half guard fishing for butterfly hooks. Both fighters have some options here. Alancar looks like she could work to deep half, Ffion just still crushing her from the top.

Ffion gives up a little space in both women return to standing. Talida drives her off the edge of the mat and pushes her several feet off the edge. The two go to the center and drive each other right off the mat. Davies takes a hard sit on the hardwood.

The two are reset and Alancar delivers a hard slap to Davies. The ref immediately jumps in and warns her. Looks like it was neck control just a little too aggressive. Starting to really get physical here as the women continue to drive each other off the mat into cameraman and staff. Back in the center and Davies is continuing to prosecute her top game threatening guard passes same as before.

Davies passes guard gets a backtack she’s threatening a rear naked choke. Looks close for a second but Alancar manages to spin out and now she’s attacking a knee bar of our own. Two minutes left and Alancar really needs a sub mission to pull this out. Both these women are clearly tired. Davies is back on top in her old routine of guard passing. Toledo looks like she’s trying some closed guard stuff now. Davies tries to stand and break.

Ffion is staying heavy on top as Alancar tries to secure an arm to threaten an armbar. But it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Thirty seconds left ,this has been a hell of a match. Ffion looks like she has this barring something extreme. Davies sits back from the top of full guard and actually starts locking in a heel hook it looks very close but Talida is smiling and trying to no sell it. The match is over but ends with Ffion on in a strong laced up heel hook position. Seems like she’s done more than enough to get the judge’s decision.

Ffion Davies wins via decision

Edwin Najmi vs Mansher Khera

It’s co-main event time here. Edwin is coming in on short notice against Mansher for the welterweight title.  These two were both on opposing teams at this month’s Kinektic event but did not actually fight each other.

Mansher sits to guard right away. Edwin seems fine with this and is trying to do some step in work. Edwin’s threatening a straight ankle lock now, but abandons it and instead starts working a knee slice pass. Edwin alternates and goes back to a straight ankle lock, but it doesn’t last long and the two are reset. Mansher in the sitting guard position and Edwin standing.

Action really picked up there for a couple of seconds! There were scrambles, a couple guillotine submission attempts, and some leg entanglements, all within a few seconds.

Back to standing Edwin secures a front headlock and spins into back control he has Mansher’s back right now with a body lock and is locking up a solid rear naked choke. Edwin’s choke really isn’t under the neck but it doesn’t matter, he squeezing so hard he’s just going to break Mansher’s jaw here. Mansher rides it out and briefly escapes before Edwin locks in another choke. Edwin had the body lock but Mansher managed to get on the correct side and got his back to the ground. The two have reset. Mansher back in sitting guard. Edwin standing over him. They seem more than comfortable with this setup.

The first period is over, and there’s no doubt that Edwin won it with his outstanding back take. The two fighters get a little bit too relaxed and the referee warns them that they need to be more active. Edwin looks almost too calm he is standing up straight almost inviting a takedown. Daniel Strauss is commentating, and he’s starting to openly call for a penalty point against Edwin who is backing away and not really engaging much. Edwin seems to be squandering his lead here with his passivity in the second period.

Mansher is trying a variety of different things: shin to shin, reverse de la riva, and regular de la riva. Edwin engages and Mansher inverts to counter. Edwin immediately pulls out; doesn’t really seem to want a whole lot of action here.

Edwin kneels down for a nice slice pass but then rolled into a attempted back take. The two ended up standing with Mansher having a single leg for a second.

Edwin leaps up to a triangle! It fails and Mansher is all over him. The two have returned to their static position: Mansher sitting, and Edwin standing. Edwin is taunting Mansher a stand up. The crowd isn’t having it and starts to boo Edwin, who looks offended.  Mansher is trying everything from sitting guard now. He briefly secures a leg entanglement but Edwin uses the running man defense and gets out.

The crowd is really starting to get impatient with Edwin. The two opponents are smiling and talking to each other Edwin seems oblivious that he’s not coming off looking particularly good tonight. He continues to beckon Mansher to stand up and the ref is starting to vocally urge both men to be offensive. The commentators are openly mocking Edwin now, saying he might not understand the points system of Polaris.

Mansher stands up and secures a single leg and the two are frozen in this position for a few seconds. Edwin gets a wizard grip. And the two are in a modified dogfight position. Edwin scores a body fold takedown and the two have to get reset back to the center of the map. Only twenty five seconds left. Edwin scores another takedown but falls right into an omaplata! Only a couple seconds left and the clock runs out. The judges have a tough decision here. Edwin had a great first period, a terrible second, and a decent third.

Edwin Najmi win via decision

Paddy Pimblett vs Steven Ray

This is a great match between two MMA fighters and should be a favorite of UK MMA fans.  Paddy Pimblett versus Steven Ray. I know Paddy is a killer in all, but he looks like he’s 12 years old as he enters the main hall.

Steven comes right out and attempts a scissor takedown or two. Then another. A little bit of posturing, and then Steven tries to hit an iminari roll. Steven then switches to a single leg, he’s really prosecuting the offense here on the feet. Paddy staying cool, but he needs to get busy if he wants to win this round. Steven briefly hits a single leg, but Paddy hops right back up. One of Steve Stevens leg trip backfires and he ends up on the bottom with Paddy on Top. Paddy is in 3/4 guard here. Steven is threatening to guillotine and turns it into a sweep. Steven’s on Top now in north south. Scramble ensues, and the two are back on their feet. Nice little action there.

(lost our fight pass stream for about a minute here, resumed with the two men on their feet.)

Steven has a beautiful scissor takedown, the same one he’s been hunting for all night. Goes straight to a leg attack and seems to get a heel hook! It’s laced up and really tight! Paddy tapped! and the commentators are saying they heard a loud pop Paddy was able to get back to his feet though. Beautiful finish.

Steven Ray wins via heel hook

Marcus Tinoco vs Tommy Lanaker

The next match is the only gi match of the evening. Marcus versus Tommy, and I don’t know what genius had the idea to put them both in blue gi, but I’ll do the best I can. Marcus jumps guard and goes straight into a de la riva and gets a beautiful tomoe nage sweep. Marcus is on top.

Tommy attempts a berembolo. It does not work, but it’s enough to reset and get him back into seated guard. Marcus attempting grips on the pants now. Tommy looks like he’s spinning for another berembolo but he has to settle for single leg X instead. The two are in a strange sort of inverted berembolo position now just stalled out battling for grips.

Marcus is doing something odd here sitting back, almost like he’s looking for a leg lock. Even the commentators are a little bit puzzled by what he’s trying to do, it seems to only set up more berembolos from Tommy. Another failed berembolo from Tommy. Even though he hasn’t landed any yet, it doesn’t seem to deter him as he goes straight back to de la riva guard.

First period is over, and Tommy seems to win simply from being the more active fighter. Tommy just grabbed Marcus’ lapel and is beginning to invert for a little Keenan style lapel guard. It was not successful, but it seems to be making Marcus fairly tentative from the top. Tommy just hit a nice X guard sweep from the bottom briefly managed to get on top but Marcus regained the position and now we’re back to Marcus on top.

Tommy is adjusting his strategy now, he’s no longer going for that de la riva guard, instead really committing to the lapel guard. We’re in the final round, not much solid action but Tommy is definitely the aggressor from his back. Marcus is spending most of his energy countering and disengaging from Tommy. Not a great look for him or the judges. Marcus attempts a jumping smash pass and we end up in closed guard for the first time in the match. Tommy ditches it right away he clearly is an open guard fighter. Marcus is prioritizing grips and suddenly a lot more proactive in trying to pass guard. Tommy has a very dynamic guard retention game, he’s using half guard, inversions, and all sorts of things to keep himself in play.  

Marcus has got himself back in the game in this final period. But, he doesn’t have a lot to show for it right now. Still hasn’t completed a guard pass. Both fighters are standing in the closing seconds of the match, Marcus goes for a single leg, but Tommy simply counters with a guillotine. Marcus rides it out, and the match is over.  

Tommy Lanaker wins via split decision

Ben Dyson vs Nick Rodriguez

OK, really excited for this next one. Ben Dyson versus Nick Rodriguez. Ben Dyson literally running onto the mat during his walk in, looks like he has a lot of energy. Ben looks like a big guy, but we haven’t seen him standing next to Nick yet.

Nick Rodriguez is walking in with all the swagger that a blue belt should not have yet. Of course, he’s been wrestling basically since he was a fetus. Won the ADCC West Coast trials with less than a year of training. this is sure to be a fast paced match but I’ll do the best I can to keep up. The two are squaring off now they both look huge.

The two are stalking each other, I can completely see this going off the mat several times tonight. Nick is really trying to crowd Ben into the corners and the edges of the mat. The two are doing a lot of tieups hand fighting really look like they’re angling for a Greco Roman style.    

Nick goes for a single leg takedown lifts Ben Dyson up an gets airborne. Brutal takedown, Nick tries a cartwheel guard pass surprisingly fast for a heavyweight. It ends with Nick in Dyson’s half guard. The crowd definitely liked that.

Ben shrimps away, kicks out, and the two are back on their feet. Nick is squatting looks like he’s potentially setting up a low single leg. He’s doing a good job alternating takedown styles here. Ben doesn’t look like he’s particularly angling for a takedown of his own. He’s fairly defensive, he’ll probably lose this first period on the judge’s scorecards.

The commentators are pointing out that Nick is starting to look frustrated. Ben jumps guard ends up in a tight closed guard with head control and all. Nick powers out, regains his posture, and is starting to really bear down on Ben. Nick has his arms straight under Dyson‘s back and Dyson is taking advantage and threatening attacks.  

Nick decided he didn’t want anything to do with Ben’s guard, he powers out, and they’re back to the feet. A little bit of circling, and Nick hits an explosive double leg on Ben but he’s right back into closed guard. Again, Nick decides to power out of Dyson’s close guard. The two are back on their feet and Nick is really being aggressive now for takedowns. Dyson is starting to be a little bit more proactive with takedown attempts now. Trying to hit some snap downs and leg trips. He’s definitely behind on the scorecards. But, Ben has put up great defense during this match, he hasn’t been in any real danger.

Ben just jumped closed guard. Nick likes to grab both hands behind the back and he landed on his own hands pretty hard. Nick seems to be a little bit perplexed inside Ben’s closed guard. The commentators are pointing out that with his grips he doesn’t really have any guard passing options available. Ben briefly threatens a triangle to which Nick answers by powering out and their back on their feet again.  

Three minutes left and Ben is trying to turn up the pace now. He jumps guard again; Ben is really trying to work now but Nick doesn’t want anything to do with it. Nick just keeps escaping closed guard getting back to his feet. Not going to be much action with these strategies. Dyson jumps to half guard this time. Nick gets back up and the two are back on the feet. We’re really seeing some of the limitations in Rodriguez’s game. He scores a takedown and he’s in the top position of Dyson’s closed guard. Nick doesn’t really seem to have a lot of options from here.

Nick closes out the finishing seconds of the match with a slick little guard pass. The match is over, Nick definitely dominated with his offensive wrestling and takedowns. That being said, he didn’t really have a lot on the ground inside Benz closed guard.

Nick Rodriguez wins via decision

Chris Fishgold vs Laim Cann

And we are back for the main card opening with Chris Fishgold versus Liam Cann.  Chris looks to be a slight betting favorite as he is a UFC and MMA veteran with an 18-3 record with tons of submission wins. Liam took this fight on 11 days notice and he currently runs the Scramble gym in the UK.

Right off the bat there’s not going to be any guard pulling tonight as both men look to stay on the feet. Chris shoots in for a double leg and seems to get it with some modified techniques. The match goes off the mat and they’re reset in the middle. Chris looks to already be working a guard pass, Liam covering Chris’ is mouth trying to suffocate him. Little bit of a dirty technique but completely legal in the Polaris ruleset. William seems to have recovered guard and is now working half guard game while Chris tries to set up a choke from top half guard.

A back step from Chris seems to have gone wrong and ends with Liam on top, half way past his guard Liam sits back for a leg lock and a brief scramble ensues. Chris seems to have escaped and he’s back on top now. Liam is setting up a rubber guard here, had a solid gogoplata for a brief second.

Chris seems to have escaped and now Liam is back in bottom working his half guard. Liam seems to favor a bottom half guard game. He’s on his side looking to get up to dogfight, but Chris is doing a good job maintaining his base. Right as I say that, Liam successfully gets up to dogfight and gets the sweep from half guard.

Liam again sits back into a leg lock position but gives it up fairly quickly and goes back to top. Liam passes guard and quickly and went straight to a front headlock choke from Chris’ turtle. Liam transitions to back and now he has a crucifix he’s going back to smothering Chris but it’s really just a distraction so that he can set up his choke. He’s alternating between a choke and an arm bar. Liam loses the position and Chris ends up on top again. Liam is really diving after these leg attacks now seems to be going for a belly down heel hook.

The two roll off the mat and are reset from standing position from some reason. Liam immediately spins for an imanari roll and accidentally kicks Chris in the nose. Chris looks like he’s bleeding may have injured his nose the medic is looking at him now. Hopefully this doesn’t justify a stoppage. Chris looks good to go and the match is set to resume. Liam is playing the bottom game again. The two scramble and Chris ends up on the bottom trying to set up a guillotine it fails. Liam’s back to the leg lock game again. Chris is literally laughing at Liam in his leg lock attempts. Chris spins out in the two are in a seated guard position battling for hand control. The match is stopped again as blood is starting to pour from Chris’s nose nothing too bad yet but they are trying to wipe him up.        

And that resumes and it’s clearly Liam has a pretty single minded strategy from the bottom he’s going to play half guard from the top he’s going to spin for leg locks. Chris is again working that modified d’arce choke from the top of half guard. Liam again goes to the dog fight position and managed to get the sweep a second time with that technique, he’s on top now.

A brief scramble and what looked like a failed berimbolo attempt ends up with the two reset with Chris on top.  Just like Liam is set on using his half guard, Chris looks pretty set on using this modified guillotine choke from the top.  Chris is trying to string together submissions from the top but Liam takes advantage and ends up getting back on top. Both guys are frequently sweeping each other now almost as fast as I can dictate. It’s an entertaining match, but both fighters are single mindedly pursuing the same attacks.

Seems to be some commotion here one of the fighters is claiming that he was bitten on the thumb. Not clear to me which one it is at this point the ref is stepping in to point out that this is indeed a grappling match and no biting is allowed. No idea what happened there, but both fighters slapped hands and don’t seem to be particularly upset.   

The two have reset an Liam is back to his signature dogfight sweeps from bottom half guard. He briefly gets a sweep but then Chris rolls and ends up back on Top and we’re right back to half guard. Match is over.

Liam Cann wins via decision

Prelim Results

Chris Walsh vs Nathan Jones: Chris Walsh wins via unanimous decision

Kieran Davern vs Fred Greenall: Fred Greenall wins via heelhook

Kristin Mikkelson vs Yas Wilson: Yas Wilson wins via unanimous decision

Sean McDonagh vs Tarik Hostock: Tarik Hostock wins via “Tarikaplata”

Adam Adshead vs Enrique Villasenor: Adam Adshead wins via unanimous decision

Tommi Pulkkanen vs Marcus Phelan: Marcus Phelan wins via unanimous decision.

Lloyd Cooper vs Matty Holmes: Lloyd Cooper wins heel hook

Jed Huge vs Nastasa Silviu: Jed Huge Wins via Verbal Submission (Silviu suffers rib injury)

OK getting set for our last prelim here Jed Hugh versus Nastasa Silviu interesting note about these 2 are actually teammates that train together in the same gym.

This will be the last prelim before the main card starts. Jed Hugh is not himself a black belt but has apparently submitted multiple black belts to qualify for this event. Silviu is 10 years the elder of Jed and is a Brown belt who’s been training for 5 or 6 years. This match is open weight so there’s a definite weight disparity between the 2 men.

Jed sits down to guard straight away. Silviu is a wrestler so that makes sense. Jed’s playing with some inversions here. Rolls right into a triangle and then beautifully transitions to the arm bar. Armbar was tight but Jed lost it. Briefly flirted with a leg attack and now they have reset. Jed gets the better of the first exchange.

Silvia looks hurt he’s holding his side. He looked seriously injured, but it’s hard to tell where. Medics are coming in this could be it. Looks like a rib injury Silvia looks like he’s struggling to even walk around.    

Polaris Prelim Livestream

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