Polaris Squads Full Results and Video Highlights: Team USA Shuts Out Team UK/Ireland

On Saturday, August 7, Polaris held its third Squads event, this time featuring Team USA vs. Team UK/Ireland in no-gi action. The matches were fast-paced, much to the delight of the live Southampton crowd. Although there were a number of close and competitive matches, Team USA pitched a shut-out, topping Team UK/Ireland by a final score of 7-0. And in superfight action, 10th Planet heavyweight standout Kyle Boehm quickly dispatched Nastasa Silviu Georgian by heel hook.

Team USA and Team UK/Ireland went head to head all the way through the team order once before a single submission was scored. In the ninth match, though, Team USA’s Nathan Orchard used an arm drag to take the back of Team UK/Ireland’s Kieran Davern. Orchard transitioned to a body triangle; as Davern attempted to escape Orchard wrapped up a twister/neck crank, breaking the 0-0 tie and earning the first points for Team USA. The score remained 3-0 for the rest of the first half.

In the second half, the action picked up with wildly entertaining matches as Team UK/Ireland played a gradually more aggressive game in an effort cut Team USA’s lead. With time dwindling and his team in need of points, Squads veteran Bradley Hill came out full of aggression against Team USA’s Roberto Jimenez. Hill briefly took Jimenez’s back, but Jimenez was able to escape before taking HIll’s back and sinking in a rear-naked choke. It was a trademark Jimenez performance and one of the funnest, yet shortest matches of the event. Because Hill and Jimenez were in the same weight class, the win was good for one point.

Following Jimenez’s submission, Geo Martinez put another three points on the board when his opponent, Dan Strauss, suffered an injury to his chest and was forced to tap.

View the full Polaris Squads: Team USA vs. Team UK/Ireland results and highlights:

1st Half:

  • Dan Strauss (UK/Ireland) vs. Jon Blank (USA) – Draw
  • Kieran Davern (UK/Ireland) vs. Adam Benayoun (USA) – Draw
  • Jed Hue (UK/Ireland) vs. Roberto Jimenez (USA) – Draw
  • Ross Nichols (UK/Ireland) vs. Nick Ronan (USA) – Draw
  • Ben Dyson (UK/Ireland) vs. Richie Martinez (USA) – Draw
  • Darragh O’Conaill (UK/Ireland) vs. Nathan Orchard (USA) – Draw
  • Bradley Hill (UK/Ireland) vs. Geo Martinez (USA) – Draw
  • Ellis Younger (UK/Ireland) vs. Hunter Colvin (USA) – Draw
  • Nathan Orchard (USA) def. Kieran Davern (UK/Ireland) via twister/neck crank for three points
  • Ben Dyson (UK/Ireland) vs. Roberto Jimenez (USA) – Draw
  • Dan Strauss (UK/Ireland) vs. Jon Blank (USA) – Draw
  • Jed Hue (UK/Ireland) vs. Hunter Colvin (USA) – Draw
  • Bradley Hill (UK/Ireland) vs. Geo Martinez (USA) – Draw

Team USA led 3-0 after the first half.

Superfight for the Polaris heavyweight title:

  • Kyle Boehm def. Nastasa Silviu Georgian via submission (heel hook)

2nd Half:

  • Ross Nicholls (UK/Ireland) vs. Nathan Orchard (USA) – Draw
  • Ellis Younger (UK/IRE) vs. Nick Ronan (USA) – Draw
  • Bradley Hill (UK/IRE) vs. Adam Benayoun (USA) – Draw
  • Dan Strauss (UK/IRE) vs. Richie Martinez (USA) – Draw
  • Darragh O’Conaill (UK/IRE) vs. Geo Martinez (USA) – Draw
  • Jed Hue (UK/IRE) vs. Hunter Colvin (USA) – Draw
  • Kieran Davern (UK/IRE) vs. Roberto Jimenez (USA) – Draw
  • Ben Dyson (UK/IRE) vs. Jon Blank (USA) – Draw
  • Ross Nicholls (UK/IRE) vs. Nick Ronan (USA) – Draw
  • Roberto Jimenez (USA) def. Bradley Hill (UK/Ireland) via rear-naked choke for one point
  • Ellis Younger (UK/Ireland) vs. Roberto Jimenez – Draw
  • Geo Martinez (USA) def. Dan Strauss via injury for three points
  • Jed Hue (UK/Ireland) vs. Adam Benayoun (USA) – Draw
  • Ben Dyson (UK/Ireland) vs. Richie Martinez (USA) – Draw

Team USA def. Team UK/Ireland 7-0

Polaris Squads highlights:


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