Submission Hunter Pro 58: Results and Review

Submission Hunter Pro (SHP), a submission-only Gi and No Gi promotion run by Garcia Promotions, just had its 58th event on Oct. 3. In the debate on which format and ruleset is best in grappling competitions, SHP sticks to the fairly incontrovertible premise that to win, one must make the opponent submit. This means that there will not always be a winner. The event had more draws than winners, but there were no controversial decisions either. (16 draws out of 29 matches, or 55 percent.) Each match was on a well-lit elevated mat area, which made it easier for spectators to see the action. It was live streamed for free on Facebook, so people watching from home did not need a premium subscription. Here are the results from the black and brown belt matches.

Black Belts

Eric Garcia def Kolton Englund (baseball bat choke)
Joseph Sirju vs Daniel Rivas (draw)
CJ Hancock vs Reed Shelger (draw)
Thomas Mancha vs Robert Ezzell (draw)
Jamie Ibanez vs Jason Soliz (draw)
Jared Chaffee def Tyler Scalisi (kneebar)
James Markle vs Chris Martinez (draw)
Jeff Messina def Randy Rodriguez (triangle choke)
Emmanuel Martinez vs Jose Llanas (draw)
Super Heavy Gi Title – Ricardo Evangelista def Roger Narvaez (golden points in OT)

Brown Belts

Zach Henson vs Omar Hillail (draw)
Ricky Turcios vs Erik Wright (draw)
Joshua Wilson vs Kyle Atkinson (draw)
Kevin Martinez vs Franklin Carballo (draw)
Morgan Oriahi def Steve Portillo (triangle choke)
Chris Farias def Chance Norman (cross-collar choke)
Mike Tracy vs Ryan Sheehan (armbar)
145 No Gi Title – Cristian Guzman def Carlos Henriquez (straight ankle lock)

The following highlight video was shared by the promotion, care of Richard Burmaster, Garcia Promotions’s media director. They also shared the full list of results.

Jeff Liwag

Jeff Liwag is an educator of 20 years with specializations in Special Education and Instructional Technology. "Submission fighting" lessons in 1999 was his first exposure to grappling martial arts, eventually taking up Jiu-Jitsu classes in 2004 and 2005, only to start training regularly at Gracie Barra Texas in 2011, where he still trains to this day, earning every belt rank up to his current brown belt from Vinicius "Draculino" Magalhaes.

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