SUG 24 – Absolute 8-Man Tournament For A Shot At Mason Fowler

Submission Underground have announced an 8-man tournament (SUG 24) in a bid to beat reigning SUG Absolute Champion, Mason Fowler.

American black belt slayer under Caio Terra, Mason Fowler, has made quite a name for himself recently especially after his big double-win over Craig Jones at SUG 16 and SUG 17. The event on which Fowler got to beat Jones (twice) was the same layout: an 8-man tournament, meaning Fowler won the title from Jones after earning the spot to compete against him. Since then, Fowler is now the one to beat.

Fowler has proven to be on a roll, since his win against Jones, he has gone on to beat even more of the most notorious grapplers on the scene at SUG such as, Vinny Magalhaes, Satoshi Ishii, Ryan Bader, Richie Martinez, Andy Varela and most recently Kyle Chambers with a rear naked choke at SUG 23. Fowler clearly has both his skills and the SUG ruleset down to a T, but will anyone beat the reigning absolute champ on SUG 24?

Submission Underground posted their call-out two days ago, with no announcement of anyone who is yet to feature in the 8-man tournament. Alongside the exposure, and chance to fight Mason Fowler for the title, the cash prizes are pretty decent too. The winner will take home $10,000, runner-up $5,000 and third-place will cash in $2,500. If you fancy your shot, get in touch!

SUG Absolute 8-Man Tournament will be aired on UFC Fight Pass on June 27th.

“SUG 24 will feature the Submission Underground Absolute 8-Man Tournament.
Do NOT apply if you want the cash.
Apply if you:
-Are black belt or better
-Want Mason Fowler’s spot
-Think you can do what 10 other high level black belts couldn’t…beat Mason Fowler under our rule set.
-Want a steady paycheck in grappling
-Want to face anyone and everyone
-Want to be the new face of SUG
We are seeking those that are rising stars, wanting to make a name for themselves on a huge platform. Contact @bossladymma and tag those below whether it’s yourself or someone else that you think should be in this tournament. #sug #sug24 #ufcfightpass #submissionunderground #sugtourney #masonfowler”

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