Watch The Most Brutal Wristlocks Ever Used In BJJ

The above video was uploaded courtesy of Flograppling’s YouTube channel and it’s an excellent compilation of some of the most beautifully painful wristlocks ever used in BJJ competition. What’s most appealing about this video is the fact that it demonstrates perfectly how versatile wristlocks actually are, and how effective they can be against resisting opponents. There’s a ton of different positions you can see wristlocks used from in less than four minutes, including the opening sequence where Marcin Held is forced to tap from a wristlock used in a standing grappling exchange.

Some people like Max Gimenis can be seen applying the pressure with their chest, while many of them are using one or both hands to apply the pressure instead. Some of these wristlocks are caught in transition and seem opportunistic while others are being used in combination with other techniques like the Triangle Choke or Armbar in order to secure the tap. Either way, all wristlocks have two elements in common: control over the elbow and control over the wrist.

While wristlocks always have been and probably always will be something of a niche submission in BJJ, they’re slowly growing in popularity as more and more competitors are pulling them off. There’s so many opportunities to finish with a wristlock through a standard five minute match that, as the above compilation shows, it’s well worth learning this seemingly small addition to your game, that can end up making a huge difference.

For those of you interested in learning the immense power of the wristlock, click here to see 37 different wristlocks courtesy of Pete “The Greek” Letsos!

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