Who’s Number One Full Results And Review

Flograppling put on yet another stellar event with their second edition of Who’s Number One as the sixteen fight card results in some high level clashes and a nice look into the future of Jiu-Jitsu. The first event featured a stunning upset when Roberto Jimenez managed to edge out a Decision victory over Keenan Cornelius, and fans were busy wondering whether Kyle Boehm could follow suit by beating the self-proclaimed greatest No Gi grappler of all time, Gordon Ryan.

Boehm earned the right to challenge Ryan after a fantastic run through the BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix and fans were delighted when the pair were slated to face each other at a Third Coast Grappling UK event on May 23rd. When Coronavirus scuppered those plans, FloGrappling stepped in to rebook the match for this card instead and added on several of Ryan’s Danaher Death Squad teammates as two of them, Nicky Ryan and Ethan Crelinsten, faced off against the Ruotolo brothers.

It was a mixed night for Renzo Gracie New York after the team started off strong, with Nathalia Santoro earning a submission victory and looking comfortable doing so. When Crelinsten faced off against Kade Ruotolo, he was relentless in hunting for the submission and managed to win the positional battle too, constantly putting the young Ruotolo in bad positions. That’s what led to a little confusion when Ruotolo was awarded the Unanimous Decision in a fight he didn’t ever seem to be close to winning.

John Danaher’s own in-house prodigy, Nicky Ryan, came up against the other Ruotolo brother, Tye, in the very next fight. While Ryan beat Kade quite comfortably at the ADCC North American Trials, he couldn’t repeat the feat against his brother and after a very close match, he lost the judge’s decision. Gordon Ryan then rallied in the final match of the night to bring the team one more victory by putting constant pressure on Kyle Boehm and slowly wearing the elite grappler down before securing the submission victory.

Who’s Number One Full Results

Gordon Ryan Defeats Kyle Boehm via Submission (Triangle Armbar).
Tye Ruotolo Defeats Nicky Ryan via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous).
Kade Ruotolo Defeats Ethan Crelinsten via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous.
Kody Steele defeats Alec Baulding via Judge’s Decision (Split).
Elisabeth Clay Defeats Chelsah Lyons via Submission (Outside Heel Hook)
Hunter Colvin Defeats Andre Gomes Reis via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous).
Camron Couch defeats Isiah Wright via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous).
Diego Santana Defeats Chris Orozco via Submission (Kimura).
Kevin McCormick defeats Kyle Short via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous).
Stefaine Kopacz Defeats Jordan Patrick via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous).
Austin Morris Defeats Wally Thompson via Submission (Guillotine Choke).
Andrew Tackett Defeats Diego Pichlingue via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous).
Andrew Tackett Defeats Anthony Robinson via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous).
Nathalia Santoro Defeats April Thompson via Submission (Triangle Choke).
Jessica Crane Defeats Jesse Stemple via Submission (Rear Naked Choke).
Emily Fernandez Defeats Hannah Sternblitz via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous).

To watch the full event replay on FloGrappling, click here.

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