Don’t f*ck with Zuck: Meta CEO promoted to BJJ blue belt

Mark Zuckerberg with his coach Dave Camarillo after they had both been promoted.

Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been promoted to blue belt in BJJ by his coach Dave Camarillo.

Camarillo was also promoted to 5th Degree on his Black Belt on the same day.

It feels as though the social media billionaire started BJJ and then we blinked and he’s now a blue belt. That is what happens when you have a large portion of the world’s wealth, you can buy all of the best training available, like it’s nothing, and therefore evolve faster than the majority who don’t have those funds (I am not bitter at all).

Zuck also hired Camarillo who has coached Cain Velasquez, Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Mike Swick and has also coached Keanu Reeves for his role in the John Wick series – making him one of the best BJJ coaches in the business.

Speaking fondly of his coach and promotion, Zuck posted:

“Congrats @davecamarillo on your 5th-degree black belt. You’re a great coach and I’ve learned so much about fighting and life from training with you. Also honoured to be promoted to compete at blue belt for @guerrillajjsanjose team.”

Recently, the Meta CEO has been seen training with MMA top dogs; UFC two-time middleweight champ Israel Adesanya, and UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkonovski, as well as BJJ legends such as Mikey Musumeci and Craig Jones, so he really has been buying the best martial art tips money can buy from the best in the business.

The 39-year-old also took his chance to spar with podcaster and BJJ black belt Lex Freidman during his time training.

Before getting his blue belt, the tech tycoon competed at BJJ Tour in Woodside, California, where he won gold in the No-Gi Master 1 white belt featherweight division.

But will we see him compete in the coloured ranks? Only time will tell.

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