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Grappling Insider will have live results of the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) World Championships, which will be streamed on FloGrappling on Saturday, September 25th. The times and brackets were announced on Friday.

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In the meantime, check out our week of ADCC coverage including breaking news and interviews with Ben Dyson, Tom Deblass, and Eddie Bravo.

Male 66kg ADCC 2019 Bracket


Paulo Miyao vs Kent Iwaoto

Miyao wastes no time getting into guard. Kent has a tight ankle lock for a second there, but Miyao stays cool. Kent inverts here and Miyao is on top. Miyao is starting to get a pass going. He’s going straight to the back. No hooks yet. Points are live and Miyao gets hooks for his points. Kent escapes and briefly threatens a back take.

Miyao wins via points

Jamil Hill vs Nicky Ryan

Nicky sits guard and Hill looks to pass at a frenetic pace. Hill looks strong but Ryan’s guard is impeccable. Ryan is on top looking to pass. Points are live and Nicky is looking to pass with the body lock. Hill is looking to play some x guard but Ryan is safe.

Neither athlete is committing and the clock is running down. Nicky Ryan scores two points from a scramble, but it’s an interesting call. Some argue that Hill should have scored a sweep, too.

Nicky Ryan wins 2 x 0

Augusto Mendes vs Keith Krikorian

Mendes on top in half guard. Keith having trouble here. Barely staying in guard. Keith is working a reverse de la riva but Mendes isn’t having it. Keith is comfortable on the bottom and points are in effect. 

Keith is working a lot from knee shield. Mendes is smash passing now, and gets three on the board for a pass to mount.

Mendes has a head and arm choke from mount. Keith is in trouble here. Mendes moves to side control to finish.

Augusto Mendes wins via submission 

Geo Martinez vs Matheus Gabriel

Geo rolls to a leg attack right away but gets nothing. Both are pulling guard now. Gabriel surrenders the top position and Geo as stalking for the top standing position. Geo goes for a cartwheel pass and kicks Mendes in the face. Classic Geo. Gabriel trying a few berimbolos. Both men want to be on the bottom now. Double guard. Points are live now so we’ll see if tactics change.

The two are doing nothing but berimbolos right now. Almost comical.

Overtime has begun. Neither man can pull guard now. Geo stuffs a takedown and has a guillotine grip on the feet. Gabriel looks a little more comfortable wrestling now.

He almost gets a takedown but no points. Judges will see that though. Still 0-0.

Gabriel throws up a flying triangle on the concrete and has a hard landing. Still tied up.

Matheus Gabriel wins via decision

Pablo Mantovani vs Thomas Halpin

These guys come out trying to kill each other. Instant takedown attempts. They’re trading ash garame attacks. Halpin is looking to pass but almost gets swept. Before Mantovani can solidify position, Halpin sweeps him again. Mantovani scored 2 points off a sweep. Mantovani is looking to secure a back take and he’s got the hooks. It looks like it’s all over here.

Mantovani scores more points as Halpin attempts to escape.

Mantovani wins 13×0 via points

Bruno Frazatto vs Tye Ruotolo

Generations clash here with 16 year-old Tye Ruotolo goes up against the veteran Frazatto. Frazato is looking to attack legs here. This match has largely took place in leglock entanglements with neither getting close. 

It goes to overtime, let’s see who will win the wrestling exchanges. Ruotolo gets the takedown and he’s 2×0 up. Frazatto needs to go for broke.

Tye Ruotolo wins 2×0 via points 

Gianni Grippo vs Richard Alacorn

Grippo begins doing a lot of guard work from the bottom. He gets a legit inversion and is threatening an inverted triangle. He doesn’t get it, but gets the sweep on the way. Grippo is up by 2. Alacorn smash passes, and gets his own 2 points. Alacorn is taking the back in a come from behind victory if he can get another hook.

Gianni barely escapes and the two are tied up. Overtime has started. Alacorn gets a standing back take and sinks in an RNC. Grippo manages to fight out and avoid points. Alacorn scores a takedown and is up on points. Grippo needs to go to work here. Gianni gets a triangle but Alacorn slams out of it. 

Alacorn wins via points in OT

Kennedy Maciel vs Ruan Alvarenga

Alvarenga is looking to pass while Kennedy tries to establish his guard. Kennedy looks for the de la riva. As soon as points go live, Alvarenga makes his way to the back and scores 3 points. Kennedy recovers to top but needs a pass. Both are standing now, Kennedy is desperate for the takedown. 

Kennedy gets a takedown. Alvarenga sweeps him but Kennedy locks in a triangle.

Kennedy Maciel win via triangle.


Nicky Ryan v Paulo Miyao

Paulo Miyao sits guard and Nicky looks to pass. Nicky is looking hard for the leg drag pass. Miyao is looking to secure a leg entry. Points are live and Paolo sits guard, which means he has a negative. Nicky is on top. If he stays safe he’ll win the match. Paolo scores a sweep and now he’s ahead. 

Nicky desperately needs a pass. Paolo manages to maintain his lead.

Paolo Miyao wins 2×0

Pablo Mantovani vs Tye Ruotolo

Ruotolo is using his aggressive passing style. Mantovani is trying to retain guard. Mantovani manages to make his way to Ruotolo’s back. Ruotolo is working hard for the pass. His cardio and strength are unbelievable. Mantovani looks tired but he makes it to the end of the match, so we’re going to overtime.

Ruotolo gets to the back and goes hard for a rear naked without the hooks in. He’s close, but Mantovani escapes.Tye Ruotolo threatens with the head and arm choke. Ruotolo looks truly amazing right now.

Tye Ruotolo wins via decision

Augusto Mendes v Mateias Gabriel

Mendes is on top and trying hard to pass. Gabriel is playing with the de la riva hook. Points are live. Gabriel is playing seated guard and Mendes is working some standing passing. Gabriel gets to 50/50. Mendes is so wise to this ruleset. Gabriel needs to have patience. Mendez gets to his feet and briefly attempts some floating pass. 

We’re into overtime. It was rather uneventful, but Mendes did enough.

Augusto Mendes wins via decision

Richard Alacorn vs Kennedy Macial

Kennedy sits to guard right away. He’s a classic bottom player. Kennedy shoots a triangle and Alacron backs away. Kennedy is inverting and settles into half guard. Alacorn is keeping his distance. He wants nothing to do with the legs of Kennedy. 

Points are live. Alacorn may get called for passivity here. Kennedy is starting to attack legs, but no dice. Brief scramble and Kennedy scores two for a sweep. Kennedy is going for a finish, pulling Alacorn on the defense with lots of leg attacks.

Alacorn is in a tough spot. He has to pass the guard of a specialist. Kennedy won’t stand for a wrestling exchange. Alacorn is trying but can’t do it.

Kennedy Macial wins via points


Paulo Miyao vs Augusto Mendes

Paulo Miyao vs Augusto Mendes

Miyao sits guard and Mendes is looking for the standing pass. They’re trading points, but leglocks don’t work against the Miyaos. Close match but it’s going to overtime. Miyao is on bottom. Miyao is inverting whenever Mendes gets close to the pass.  Mendes is working hard on the pass and extremely aggressive. I think that might be enough for him to earn the decision

 Augusto Mendes wins via decision

3rd Place Match

Tye Ruotolo vs Paulo Miyao

In a shocking turn of events, Miyao sits guard. Tye looks to set up a standing pass, but it’ll be difficult to pass Miyao. Miyao sits up and takes the top position. Points aren’t active yet.Miyaos got to mount and is looking to set up an arm triangle. 

Points are on and Ruotolo makes it to his feet. Miyao automatically sits guard and takes the negative.Tye is looking for the standing pass, but Miyao continues to invert. Miyao needs to score. Ruotolo looks to lock in a choke but they go out of bounds. Miyao gets two points, but unfortunately I missed what for. 

The points from Miyao were negated by the penalties so we’re going for an extra 5 minutes. Miyao shoots and holds on long enough to pull guard without being penalised. Miyao looks to invert and sweep but Ruotolo is being patient. Miyao scores two points off a sweep. Miyao wins but mark my words Tye Ruotolo will be an ADCC champion one day.

Paulo Miyao wins via points

Tye Ruotolo vs Kennedy Macial

Kennedy takes bottom and Ruotolo gets close  with an pass early.Kennedy comes up with the single leg from an armdrag and gets close to taking Tye’s back. Kennedy was inches away from getting his hooks in but Ruotolo exploded to top position. Kennedy is on top but Ruotolo locks in a darce from bottom. It’s so close, but time runs out and we’re going to overtime.

Tye is working hard on another choke.  Kennedy is escapes and is on top and looking to score some points. What an amazing match. Kennedy takes the back after Tye went for the legs, Kennedy gets the arm trap and chokes Tye out.

Kennedy wins via rear naked choke


Augusto Mendes vs Kennedy Macial

Macial has looked terrific this whole weekend. A come from behind victory and a nail biter in the quarters. Kennedy looks amped up and Mendes looks chill. Big size difference for Mendes, but the age difference favors Macial. Mendes has actually fought Kennedy’s father.

The two tie up and Macial tests the waters with an early shot that comes up short. It’s a war of collar ties with a lot of small battles for hand and elbow control. Macial getting his slap on and Mendes is a little annoyed by it. Crowd is dead quiet, I’m talking Pride FC quiet.

Takedown attempt results in scramble, both guys fly across the mat and Kennedy spins for a back take among the chaos. Turns into a standing back take and Kennedy is shook off. Kennedy is very fast! 

Macial gets a warning, he’s getting ridiculous with these slaps. But he’s getting aggressive and pushing Mendes around the mat. Points are on and Mendes stuffs a shot from Kennedy. Mendes gets a front headlock and sprawls with it. Macial gets free.

Kennedy can’t pull guard here without taking a penalty, which should give Mendes an advantage, but he’s not able to get much going on the feet. Mendes gets a warning, looks like a headbutt. The Brazilians are getting the vodoo chants going now. Pretty sure someone just yelled “porrada”, it’s an aggressive match.

Mendes gets another power sprawl, but seems hesitant to really hit the floor. Kennedy works hard for a single leg and actually gets it, but only for a second as Mends pops back up. Commentators are noting that Mendes is too reluctant to engage, he may get a nudge from the refs here.

Mendes gets a shot and a back take! Takes hit a second but goes from a truck to the back with hooks for points. Kennedy needs to work now. One minute left. Mendes goes to mount and double unders. Macial escapes and goes for broke on a guillotine but can’t get it! Mendes on a last minute back take!

Augusto Mendes defeats Kennedy Macial to win the ADCC 66kg Championship!

Male 77kg ADCC 2019 Bracket


Ross Nicholls vs JT Torres

JT Torres is a huge favourite in this one, but Ross Nicholls is big on the UK scene.  Ross sits guard, JT Torres looks to pressure pass. Ross is trying to set up butterfly half. Ross locks in a tight inverted armbar but Torres manages to escape. Nicholls’ guard retention has been phenomenal, most men melt to Torres’ pressure. Ross is playing closed guard and threatening some rubberguard.

It’s overtime and Ross sits guard immediately and takes the negative. Ross gets close to an inside heelhook and JT manages to escape.  JT Torres threatens with an armbar in the end but the time goes.

JT Torres wins via a negative

John Combs vs DJ Jackson

Early cliches from both men. Practically headbutting each other. Combs on bottom and briefly looks like he was working a rubberguard. Back to the feet and Jackson gets an unscored takedown.

Jackson is on top and hanging on for dear life. Time is ticking and Jackson is in a position to score now if he can complete a guard pass. 

DJ Jackson wins via points

Garry Tonon vs Mateusz Gamrot

Garry comes out working some sacrifice throws. He pulls guard. Garry in bottom half hunting for legs. Gamrot going for a knee slice pass. Garry is looking like a redneck Captain America, by the way. Handlebar mustache and all.

The two are back up. Tonon hits a sacrifice throw but Gamrot goes to a low single leg. Garry is creeping up to the back just as points come into effect. Garry has the back with a body lock. Only a matter of time now. Garry alternating between RNC and armbar attacks. Gary sinks it. Gamrot isn’t tapping. 

Garry Tonon wins via submission

Oliver Taza vs Renato Canuto

Got a late start here because I was watching the Garry match. Canuto is working a leg attack. Looks like a heelhook. The two are reset. Both guys are showing some dynamic guards. Taza and Renato are switching top and bottom. Taza has a brief leg entanglement of his own but Renato escapes.

The two are standing again. Taza rolls into a leg attack. He’s in the honeyhole here. Switching to the game over. Canuto grabs the hand and is defending. He’s out!

Points are in effect and Canuto takes advantage of a scramble to get a takedown. He’s up on points now and time is short.

Renato Canuto wins via points

Lucas Lepri vs. Lachlan Giles

Lachlan Giles is on top and looking to pass. Lepri is looking for X guard, but Giles looks comfortable. Lachlan sits back for a leglock and is threatening from the saddle. Lots of leg pummeling going on and Giles keeps going to try set up a calf crush. No points yet, but this one is all action.

Lepri hits a rolling backtake and gets the hooks in. Lepri is 3 points ahead. He attacks relentlessly from the back but Giles stays safe until the time runs out.

Lucas Lepri wins 3 x 0

Dante Leon vs Johnathan Satava

Satava gets top position and looks to pass from top half. Satava is on top and looking like he wants leglocks. Leon is on the bottom and spinning under for a leg attack. Was tight for a second there, but Satava got out and we’re into closed guard. 

We’re going into overtime, even though Leon was very close to a guard pass at the end there.

We’re in overtime and Leon has secured a back take for some points. Body lock is in, and this is over.

Dante Leon wins via points in OT

Vagner Rocha vs Servio Tulio

Vagner is looking to attack on the feet. Neither is willing to commit to a takedown. There’s a lot of hand fighting, expect this to get more entertaining when the points go live. Tulio starts playing open guard, but Vagner is staying safe and looking to pass. Tulio is threatening leg locks, but Vagner is notoriously difficult to tap. Vagner is defending well, but he needs to start attacking.

Vagner shoots for a takedown. Tulio scrambles as Vagner attempts a back take and Vagner transitions to an armbar.

Vagner Rocha wins via armbar

Edwin Najmi vs Celso Vinicius

Najmi on bottom in half guard. Half guard is the dominant guard so far today. Najmi looking for legs but Celso backs out.  Minutes pass and the two stay in a half guard battle with Najmi on bottom. Edwin seems a little low energy.

The two are back on their feet. Celso gets the standing back and works hard for a takedown. Edwin rolls for a brilliant escape and the two scramble off the mat. Other than that exchange the action is slow.

Celso Vinicius wins via decision


JT Torres vs DJ Jackson

Former teammates fighting here. Some juicy drama. Both outstanding wrestlers and it shows, both are staying on the feet and looking for shots. JT scores a takedown and is staying very tight, looking to smash pass. He’s stuck in half guard.  JT takes some time but advances to the back and scores his points. He’s on the back and threatening an RNC. One minute left, JT can cruise to victory now.

JT Torres wins via points

Garry Tonon vs. Renato Canuto

This is fireworks. Garry looks for the back early and Canuto scrambles. Garry is goes for an armdrag. Garry drops for a guillotine Canuto uses it to get on top but Tonon scrambles back to his feet. Canuto scores a takedown. Canuto solidifies side control.

Points are live and Garry is playing seated guard. Tonon comes up for a single but he couldn’t finish. Garry hits a blast double but doesn’t get points as they run off the mats. Tonon’s snap downs are great today.

Garry almost hit the back take but time runs out. Overtime is live.

This match is crazy so many scrambles and Garry looks strong. Garry almost gets a takedown but Canuto uses a guillotine attempt to create a scramble.

Garry Tonon wins via passivity

Lucas Lepri vs Dante Leon

Lepri is on top and looking for a knee slice. Dante gets a sweep, but points aren’t in play yet. The two are back to their feet. Dante gets it to the mat and gets a partial back take. Dante looking good here but needs another hook. He gets it and OMG Dante is up by three. Big upset.

Dante Leon wins via points

Vagner Rocha vs Celso Vinicius

Fairly early on there’s a cut and medics are called in. Action resumes and Vagner scores a takedown, again unscored. Vagner is on top, trying to murder the guy. Vagner almost gets a back take.

Points are live and the two men immediately become cautious on the feet. Match goes into overtime. Vagner showing his Combat Jiu-Jitsu side here, being very physical, pushing the rules to the limits.

Vinicius isn’t mad though. The two are going for takedowns at an impressive pace. Amazing cardio. Vinicius gets a penalty point, not sure for what, neither are the commentators. Both guys are stalled out on the feet now. Vagner is bleeding from a headbutt, match is paused.

Vagner Rocha wins via decision


JT Torres vs Garry Tonon

Really excited for this one. Tonon doing his trademark sacrifice throws. JT gets a takedown and is moving towards the back. JT got out and is back in Gary’s guard working. Gary doing a good upper body lock for sweeps here. JT really leaning into Gary, in danger of losing balance here. 

Torres managing to slow the game down and is getting a legit pass working. Points are live so this pass is important. Tonon trying to invert to escape. JT really finding his zone now, Tonon finds space and gets to his feet. Points are up so Tonon cannot pull guard now.

Tonon being really eratic on the feet, maybe unnerving JT Torres. Tonon sprawls and gets an inverted back take. Spins to a leg attack and Torres runs away. Going into overtime! 

Rocha just won on the other mat so the winner of this faces Vagner. JT has the standing back take and Gary whizzers hard. Lots of action, Gary trying to hit trips and snapdowns. JT hits a takedown and is on Gary’s back. JT has a hook. He gets another and that’s a wrap. Prior takedown wasn’t scored. 

Points for JT and he’s working a head and arm choke. Tonon manages to get back to half guard but he needs a score bad. JT on him like Thor’s hammer. The first one, not the axe from Endgame. Tonon trying to stay busey. Gary hits a kneebar and is cranking! Seconds left and JT won’t tap. Torres survives! 

JT wins via points in OT

Dante Leon vs Vagner Rocha

Rocha  comes out aggressive as usual. Leon displayed amazing guard yesterday with Lepi and he’s showcasing it again. Vager gives up top position. May be the first time we’ve seen him on the bottom this ADCC. Dante working the legs, but Vagner might be in trouble here. Rocha very good, but this is a little bit of technique vs aggression here. Rocha just powering out of ashi garami.

Vagner is working his passing game in typical brutal fashion.  We’re going to over time.

Vagner is looking for the takedown he gets close but Leon scrambles to his feet. Close over time. Vagner is going to the finals.

Vagner Rocha wins via decision

3rd Place

Garry Tonon vs. Dante Leon

This is a great match, can’t wait to see these two guard experts in there together. Dante takes the bottom right away and into half guard. Gary hits an iminari roll from the top, but Dante escapes a leg attack and inverts. Dante has excellent inverted attacks at this year’s ADCC. They’re in double guard now, exchanging inversions. 

Fight is back on the feet, Gary hits an amazing hariah goshi toss! Not points so Dante manages to escape and Gary has little to show for his awesome throw. Dante really holding his own, defending more leg attacks from Tonon. Points are live in about twenty seconds.

Gary hits a lightning fast heelhook and Dante spins to escape. He can’t get it and taps!

Gary Tonon wins by submission 


Vagner Rocha vs. JT Torres

Can JT Torres retain his crown? Can Vagner pull off the big upset? I guess we’re about to find out. Lots of feeling out on the feet here. Expect either to rush into anything, this will be a war of attrition. JT Torres is pushing out some tentative shots. Rocha is maintaining distance really well here and you can tell he’s trying to drag JTinto deep water. 

More feeling out on the feet here. Still no mat work from these guys, which sucks, because it’s a grappling tournament and we all want to see some ground work. JT tries the armdrag but Vagner is ready and waiting to nullify it.Vagner hits the armdrag to the back clinch but JT disengages. 

Points are live lets hope it livens things up. JT is close on a single, but Vagner escapes. As expected, this one is an absolute grind! No scores yet and we’re 15 minutes in. Vagner goes in on the single, but JT gets a deep guillotine, Vagner survives, but it did look close for a minute.

JT shoots for a takedown and Vagner goes for the kimura, but JT uses it for the back take and gets 3 points.JT has secured the back and he’s going hard for the choke. It’ll be difficult for Vagner to come back from this. Vagner stands, but JT remains on his back.40 seconds left and it looks like JT has it won.

JT Torres wins 3×0

Male 88kg ADCC 2019 Bracket


Ben Dyson vs Craig Jones

Craig Jones sits guard. Jones attacks the legs and Dyson manages to defend. Craig is attacking and gets a sweep. Dyson is doing well, all things considered. Ben Dyson escapes another tight leglock attempt. 

Jones enters an inside heel hook and gets the tap after some great play from double trouble.

Craig Jones wins via inside heel hook

Mason Fowler vs Valdir Araujo

Fowler takes a shot and is sprawled on, but beautifully goes to his guillotine. Looks tight for a second, but Valdir turns it into a pass.

The two are up and scrambling now. Lots of action on the feet. This is a hell of a match. Mason briefly has the back from standing. These two are showing some wrestling! Fowler briefly gets a leg trip, but Valdir recovers.

Believe it or not, points are 0-0, everything was too fluid for any long holddowns. We’re in overtime now. Valdir is still pushing some action, amazing cardio from both guys. 

Match goes into overtime, but these two have nothing left. Outstanding match but Fowler pulls it off.

Mason Fowler wins via decision

Rustam Chsiev vs Jon Thor Blank

Early takedown attempts are being traded. Thor on the bottom now. Chsiev back hair is freaking me out. Should be laws against that. Lots of fighting from a sprawl position now. Chsiev is on top and jumps to a triangle, but Thor escapes. Chsiev is doing an excellent job circling and stalking Thor’s seated guard.

Thor is working a leg entanglement here. He gets the tap!

Thor wins via heelhook submission

Murilo Santana vs Keller Locke-Soohi

This battle is mainly taking place on the feet. Santana sits guard and starts to attack from closed guard. Murilo is threatening with an inverted armbar attempt. Points are now live. Murilo is looking to attack, but he’s doing so in a slow and steady style. 

Keller stalled and was given a negative.

Santana wins via a negative 

Josh Hinger vs Gabriel Almeida

Josh is looking to set up a front headlock, but Almeida is wise to his game. Almeida is trying to control the clinch. Hinger shoots for a takedown but Almeida threatens with a guillotine. Hinger makes it to side control.

Almeida recovers guard and points are now live. Almeida is in on the legs, but Hinger is defending well. Josh scrambles to feet and makes his way to Almeida’s back. Hinger almost got the points, but Almeida recovered. Hinger manages to get to the neck and secure a rear naked.

Josh Hinger wins via rear naked choke  

Adam Wardzinski vs Mike Perez

Wardzinski is attacking non stop. Wardzinski starts to threaten the legs but Perez continues to pressure. It’s in points but neither guy can get it off. Wardzinski tries to play RDLR but Perez disengages. Perez threatens a head and arm while looking for a pass. 

We’re in overtime it’s 0x0  Perez is looking to attack Wardzinski, who is turtled. They get reset in Wardzinski playing halfguard. Wardzinski gets a good bite on the inside heelhook.  Perez escapes and is looking to take the back. Perez is looking stronger as the match goes well. 

Adam Wardzinki wins via refs decision

Matheus Diniz vs Pedro Marinho

This one is mainly taking place on the feet. They are coming out pretty aggressive. Diniz gets a monster takedown. He works a bit inside from Pedro’s guard. Diniz passes guard and wins via points.

Matheus Diniz wins via points

Gabriel Arges vs Alec Baulding

Alec is on top. Gabriel is working a pretty scary inverted game. Alec needs to be careful here. Alec tried to go for kneeling passes but Gabriel has those flexible legs. 

Alec is starting to get a rhythm here. Even briefly trying to hit a berimbolo. He’s mainly on top though and Gabriel is working hard on that inverted guard.

Gabriel hits a berimbolo and is almost on the back! Got the back and a body lock on the legs. Sinking in a RNC, this could be it. Alec is flattened out.

Alec pulls a miracle and escapes. He’s on top but time is up.

Gabirel Arges wins via points  


Thor Blank vs. Murilo Santana

Thor sits guard and Murilo looks to pass. Thor looks good at defending  and points are live now. Thor is very dangerous but Santana is a clever competitor. Thor gets a great bite on an inside heelhook Santana rolls to the edge of the mat.

Thor is looking great and controlling Murilo, but he should really look to let go of the leglock and go on top for the points.

We’re in overtime and back on the feet. Very tentative on the feet. Santana shoots and Thor locks in a reverse triangle.

Thor Blank wins via decision

Craig Jones vs Mike Fowler

Craig working a lot from the top tonight, which is a little different for him. Almost hit a diesel squeezel, Keenan would be proud. Mason is holding on but definitely in defense mode. Mason sees some daylight and almost takes Craig’s back, but they are back to standing. Craig gets back on top and working again. Starts setting up a darce choke, but Mason escapes. Still 0-0 but Craig is clearly holding the initiative here.

Points are live, Craig is really taking over now. Mason hits his feet and almost gets a sweep. Mason gets a takedown but it’s not scored. Some people in the crowd are booing. One minute left. Both guys are slippery and having trouble getting traction now. Still 0-0.

Mason gets a single leg but Craig hits a guillotine. They go off the mat. It looks tight!

Craig Jones wins via submission

Josh Hinger vs. Adam Wardzinski

Josh is going hard on the pass in this one. Hinger is teasing headlocks and using the guillotine threat to build his passing game. Wardzinski is attacking with leg locks. Points are now live and Wardzinski is playing guard. Wardzinski gets close with an armbar. Hinger hits the pass and scores 3 points. Wardzinski needs to score. 

Wardzinski is back in guard. Hinger is looking for a modified a modified Sao Paulo pass. Hinger looks safe to get the victory. Wardzinski works hard for the sweep and Hinger manages to lure him into a guillotine.

Josh Hinger wins via guillotine

Matheus Diniz vs Gabriel Arges

Came into this match a little late, Arges is on the bottom in closed guard. Looks like he might be working a rubber guard. Diniz is getting warned by the ref, he needs to stay busy. Action is stalled out. Arges on the bottom, Diniz gets back to his feet and points are live. 

Nothing really happening on the feet, brief back take on the feet but Diniz rolls right out.

Gabriel Arges has a late flurry and nearly scores a takedown, but Diniz still gets the call.

Matheus Diniz wins via decision in OT


Craig Jones vs Jon “Thor” Blank

Craig sits guard almost immediately gets a guillotine and sweeps Thor. Thor sets up an inside heelhook but it looks like Craig baited it to take the back and locks in a quick rear naked choke. Wow great performance.

 Craig Jones wins via rear nakes

Josh Hinger vs Matheus Diniz

Hinger is working hard on the collar tie and looking to set up a front headlock. Diniz teases a armdrag, but Hinger is wise. Hinger is trying to play some butterfly now. Hinger’s playing a little rubberguard here and trying to clear the head. Diniz is trying  to go for the bodylock pass. Diniz is close to the pass, but Hinger is using lockdow to stall. 

Diniz gets the pass with 5 seconds left.

Matheus Diniz wins via points 3×0

3rd Place Match

Jon Thor Blank vs. Josh Hinger

Okay, this match started earlier than scheduled, so we got a little caught off guard. Hinger  seems to have gotten a near guillotine early on Hinger on top in mount, up 3-0. Hinger going for a nogi eziekiel it seems, trying to bait his way to a guillotine. Thor tries to bridge at the last second but doesn’t work

Hinger wins via points


Matheus Diniz vs. Craig Jones

Really excited for this one. It’s kinda a rubber match as the two have fought twice already, but not in ADCC. Craig has looked phenomenal today and yesterday, while Diniz has been in a few wars. Craig could potentially be the first Australian champion.

Craig on the bottom in closed guard, legs very high and Craig is threatening kimuras and guillotines. Jones scoots out and is in an open guard now. Diniz is low and trying to pressure pass. Craig back to a very active closed guard. He likes these kimura and guillotine attacks from it.  Diniz had a brief back attack but Craig rolled out.

Diniz hits an explosive cartwheel pass and moves to the back but is again shook off. Craig back in closed guard and inverting to a leg attack. Diniz escapes and points are now live. Match is still on the floor with Craig in closed guard.

Matheus gets a warning, he needs to be more active. Diniz is known for his passing but Craig is really keeping him at bay here, even closing a body lock from the bottom of closed guard. You don’t see that a lot.

We’re back on the feet and points are live. Match is still 0-0 so anything can happen still. I think Craig has been more active but it’s technically an even match. Two minutes left and these two need to get busey if they want to be a champion. Matheus being very safe. Craig doesn’t seem eager to shoot. And we’re in overtime.

Very little action for about five minutes. Craig gets a warning for passivity. The two and picking it up. Matheas attempts a single and Craig counters with a headlock. The two seperate.

Diniz has scored two points for a takedown, but it was more like Craig made a mistake and gave up the top position. Craig has a big problem now. Diniz gets a penalty for being passive and the two return to the feet. Craig needs a takedown to retake the lead. Two minutes left and Dinizi goes for a single which fails but gets the fight to the ground. Craig takes a penalty for a guard pull. Diniz has this one. Craig pulls a hail mary armbar but it fails.

Matheus Diniz Wins in Overtime to Become the New 88kg ADCC Champion!

Male -99kg ADCC 2019 Bracket


Gordon Ryan vs Ben Hodgkinson

Very interesting. Gordon immediately pulls guard and begins to play butterfly. Gordon transitions to the back and sinks in the choke within 2 minutes. WOW. The King is back.

Gordon Ryan wins via RNC

Tim Spriggs vs Felipe Andrew 

Tim Spriggs scores a fast guillotine in the opening seconds of the match.

Tim Spriggs wins via guillotine choke

Lucas Barbosa vs Perttu Tepponen

Perttu sits to guard and working a butterfly game. Barboza having none of it. He is smash passing and on his way to the back. Briefly stalled in half guard.

After a few minutes, Barbosa secures a full pass and gets the score. Perttu gets some daylight and scrambles back to his feet.

The two are standing again. Perttu had to take a penalty, I believe it was for guard pulling but not sure. Barbosa seems to have this in the bag.

Lucas Barbosa wis via points

Patrick Gaudio vs Mraz Avdoyan

Mraz sits guard immediately. Gaudio has secured a pass but points aren’t live yet. Gaudio threatens with an arm-in guillotine and it gets close, but Mraz survives. Gaudio makes it to side control again.  He’s 3-0 and looking good. 

Patrick passes guard and is working from side now, getting really aggressive. The two return to standing. Patrick gets a takedown and is now up 8-0. He’s working a guillotine. Probably not going to get it, but this match is basically over.

Patrick lets him up as the match ends.

Patrick Gaudio wins by points

Vinny Magalhaes vs Dan Martinez

Vinny threatens the pass, but ends up on the bottom and attacks with leg lock entries before ending up in closed guard. Vinny plays some knee shield and looks to control the range. Vinny gets a good leg entry and looks to transition to the back as Dan tries to escape. Dan stands but Vinny takes him down and gets the points. Vinny sits back for a leglock but can’t get it.

Vinny winds up on top and scores 2 more points. Martinez attempts his own leglock, has nobody told him leglocks don’t work?

Vinny Magalhaes wins 4 x 0 via points

James Puopolo vs Tex Johnson

Tex comes out on the bottom and into closed guard. James is on top and putting heavy pressure. Tex has a tricky guard, really playing with James’ balance. Points just went into effect.

Tex shoots for armbar but James stuffs and stays safe.

Wow! James scores a SNIPER guillotine! Tex Johnson has been submitted. That’s huge.

James Puopolo wins via guillotine

Jackson Sousa vs Paul Jose Pinto

Sousa is on top on his feet. Lot of face pushing but not much else. The two return to their feet. Not much action and the points have turned on. But men are accruing penalties for lack of combativeness. Score is -2 – -2

Overtime has begun. These two really need to start making some action. Hand fighting and head fighting from standing. Other than that no action. Hard to say who wins a decision here.

Jackson Sousa wins by points (negative)


Vinny Magalesh vs James Puopolo

Puopolo hits a slick sweep right off the bat and takes top position. Vinny gets back to top position. They reverse again and are back to standing. The match goes down and Vinny is on top. Think he scores a takedown here because he’s got two points on the board.

Time is up, Vinny by points.

Vinny Magalesh wins via points 

Lucas Barbosa vs Patrick Gaudio

The two Brazilians are locked in standing tie ups. Both look a little winded already, pace is going to be slow in this one. Neither man is willing to give up the top position. Minutes pass without significant action. Both men are shirtless and sweaty so it’s tough to get much traction. Barbosa hits a double leg but it’s not scored. Time is up and we go to overtime.

Overtime is tense but it hasn’t hit the mats yet. Barbosa looks to be more active.

Lucas Barbosa wins via decision                                                                                    

Tim Spriggs vs. Gordon Ryan

Gordon’s knee can’t be 100%, because he’s opting to play guard again. Gordon goes double outside ashi and uses it to sweep. Gordon makes his way to the back and locks in the body triangle. Gordon is looking strong and trying to set up the rear naked. Points are live now and Gordon scores 3 for the body triangle. 

Gordon spends 6 minutes on Spriggs’ back, and then scores the choke.

Gordon Ryan wins via rear naked choke

Jackson Sousa vs. Vinicius Gazola 

Gazola sits guard and Jackson looks to get his passing game going. Jackson is looking for a standing pass, but disengages whenever Gazola gets any grips. Points are live. Neither are committing. Sousa looks to pass and get to the back, but Gazola recovers. 

Sousa is on top still, getting reckless for a point. But he doesn’t get it, and we’re in overtime. This is all about the collar ties and no one can get offense off.

Vinicius Gazola wins by decision


Gordon Ryan vs Lucas Barbosa

Gordon actually does not sit guard right away. Lucas is handfighting. Gordon looks good, not like a man with food poisoning, but who knows? Lucas testing out singles and trips. Gordon trying some takedowns. It’s turning into a standup battle. 

Gordon pulls guard seconds before points come into play. Smart move to avoid a penalty. Gordon playing half guard and his signatur butterfly. Lucas being careful, working a kneeslice, but being respectful. Regulation ends and we’re heading into overtime.

Seems like the ref is warning Barboza about passivity but could be wrong on that. Commentators confirming that. Barbosa chains a takedown single and almost has it but no shoulders to the mat. Hulk is really coming close to points here. Gordon can’t escape a strong body lock.

Gordon gets out and spins to a front headlock. Gordon in top turtle now, spins to the truck for a second and now has the back with no hooks. Hooks are in and points are up for the King. Gordon can’t get the choke but wins with the points.

Gordon wins via points in OT

Vinny Magalesh vs Vinicius Gazola

Vinny on top working hard. If he wins he’ll fight Gordon in the finals, a rematch. Gazola with a tight single leg x guard. Really wants Vinny’s legs. Gazola seems to get a late takedown and gets points for the win. Vinny seems pissed, arguing with refs. Gazola does enough here to get the win.

Gazola wins via points 

3rd Place Match

Vinny Magalhaes vs Lucas Barbosa

Vinny has been injured and cannot compete. Lucas Barbosa wins bronze by default


Vinicius Gazola vs. Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan is making his way to the mats, will he become the two-time champ? Only time will tell.Vinicius is a big underdog in this one. Gordon is looking for the takedown, Vinicius goes for the single, but Gordon escapes. Gordon is trying for the armdrag but Gazola is strong.Gordon hits the takedown. Gordon is looking to pass through Gazola’s half guard/

Gazola hits the bump and roll and ends up on tap and Gordon hits a knee tap. He’s straight back on top. Gordon gers to mount and is setting up an arm triangle. Vinicius recovers half. Vinicius goes for a leglock and Gordon takes the back just like how Craig Jones did to Thor.

Gordon Ryan gets tap with a rear naked choke.

Gordon Ryan wins via rear naked choke and is the new -99kg ADCC champion

Male +99kg ADCC 2019 Bracket


Marcus Almeida vs Antonio Braga Neto

Almeida starts off in bottom half. The two return to standing and are being very tactical. Lots of hand fighting, but neither man is really committing to attacks. Points are live now so first score effectively wins. Antonio may have got an unscored takedown here.

Almeida reverses at the last second for two points and wins the match.

Marcus Almeida wins via points

Jarred Dopp vs Victor Hugo

Dopp attacks Hugo’s open guard. Hugo takes a knee shield and looks to attack, Hugo gets to SLX and looks to attack with an outside heel hook. Hugo gets the sweep and looks to pass, but Dopp reverses. Hugo looks to attack with leglocks, but eventually works to Dopp’s back. Dopp skillfully recovers guard.

Hugo scores the takedown and winds up attacking an inverted armbar in the scramble Hugo was awarded 4 points for the takedown and finished the match in a locked in triangle.

Victor Hugo wins 4 x 0  via points

Yuri Simoes vs Elliot Marshal

Yuri scores and early takedown and he’s in top half. After a brief reset, he’s passed the guard but may not have scored for it. Okay, he’s definitely passed now. Yuri really working from the top now. Being conservative but looks like he’s slowly working to the back.

Elliot pushes Yuri off but it only lasts a second, Yuri is back on him. Working to the back but no hooks. Elliot needs to get to work as the points have taken effect by now. Yuri has the back and is looking to isolate an arm.

Yuri transitions to the back and scores an armbar.

Yuri Simoes wins via armbar

Kaynan Duarte vs Eldar Rafigaev

Kaynan gets a late submission off a back take to win his first match.

Kaynan Duarte wins via submission

Orlando Sanchez vs Mateusz Juskowiak

Orlando Sanchez is working his passing game and makes his way to 3/4 mount.  Mateusz looks to transition to deep half (why would you get under Orlando like that). Mateusz goes to turtle and Orlando looks to take the back. Mateusz recovers half guard. Orlando goes hard for the pass and Mateusz goes back to turtle. The match goes to overtime and Orlando scores 2 points with a takedown.

Orlando Sanchez wins 2 x 0 via points

Nick Rodriguez vs Mahamed Aly

These two giants are tied up and doing a lot of posture control. Nick hits an inside trip/suplex off the mat! Photographer got nearly murdered there. The two are reset and there’s some disagreement over the restart positions.

Two minutes left, takedowns are everything now. Nick really getting aggressive. Can’t stop thinking about that poor photographer. Had 500 pounds of man fall on him. RIP.

Score is 0-0 still, one minute and this will go to overtime. Aly hits a takedown! It’s unscored, Aly couldn’t keep him down. We’re in overtime now.

Back to standing. This isn’t very eventful, neither man seems able to score a takedown. Lots of neck ties and snap downs. They’re starting to basically hit each other in the neck. Pushing off the mat areas quite a bit. Classic aggressive Nick here.

Nick finishes with a takedown attempt. Was a strong, dynamic takedown. No score but looks great for the judges. They’re making a decision now.

Nick gets the decision, that late takedown attempt made all the difference.

Nick Rodriguez wins via decision

Roberto Abreu vs Hudson Taylor

This is great stuff from Cyborg, he’s attacking from the get go. Taylor, while unknown is a great wrestler and holds a win over Nicky Rod. Cyborg hits a tripod sweep. Cyborg makes it to side control and has both underhooks. Cyborg score points for a kneeride. He gets mount but there’s a scramble. Hudson threatens a pass, so Cyborg turtles. Hudson was inches from securing side control. 

Not an easy one for Cyborg, but he wins.

Cyborg wins 2×0 via points

Max Gimenis vs John Hansen

Hansen starts in a seated guard, not sure how they got there. Max is probing and starts his pressure pass game. 

Minutes have elapsed, no action. Lots of circling and a few passing attempts but we’re still 0-0. 

Hansen gets a suplex! There’s a brief standing back take from Hansen! He gets shaken off and now he’s in the bottom butterfly guard

We’re kinda back where we started. Max on top on his feet. Hansen on the bottom playing sitting guard. About to head into overtime.

Max back on top and aggressively trying to pressure pass but Hansen’s guard is too tight.

John Hansen wins via refs decision

Quarter Finals

Victor Hugo vs. Marcus Buchecha Almeida

Hugo on the bottom, gets a heelhook that looks like it’s tight but Buchecha gets out. Bucheca taking his time on top. Hugo looking for leg attacks.  Buchecha gets a pass for points while Hugo looks to escape to deep half. Marcus keeps position and is working to the back. 

Buchecha is dominating here. 

Marcus Buchecha Almeida wins via points 

Nicky Rodriguez vs. Orlando Sanchez

The big boys are battling. Nicky Rod gets the take down and takes Orlando’s back! Orlando escapes. We’re back to the feet. 6 minutes left and Orlando looks tired. Expect Nicky Rod to pick up the pace when points go live.

Points are live. Orlando stuffs the takedown and looks strong. Orlando gets a warning and needs to engage. Lots of headbutts and Orlando is bleeding. Nicky Rod almost gets hooks in.

It’s all over, Nicky wins.

Nick Rodriguez wins via negative

Roberto Cyborg Abreu vs. John Hansen

Cyborg is on top and looking to pass. Hansen is doing a good job at maintaining guard but Cyborg is likely waiting on points to be live. Hansen is playing de la riva. Hansen turtles and Cyborg looks to attack. The Brazilian gets his hooks in and scores some points. Cyborg is dominating now and is up 6 – 0. 

Roberto Cyborg Abreu wins via points

Yuri Simoes vs Kaynan Duarte

Kaynan is playing open guard. Yuri circling and being conservative. Points are active now. Yuri looking to use his wrestling. Both are on the feet. 

Lot of action, the two roll off the mat and into onlookers. Judges and refs seem confused on how to reset. Yuri has some sort of knee injury from rolling onto the concrete. Medics are out and taping his leg. 

Ok, they are restarting from back take with Duarte on the back. Yuri’s leg buckled when he tried to stand. He has a serious injury here. The crowd is booing. They’re not happy with the reset.

Duarte goes for an RNC right away and Yuri is struggling but doesn’t tap. Kynan wins 3-0. The reset is still very controversial.

Kaynan Duarte wins 3-0


Marcus Buchecha Almeida vs Kaynan Duarte

Both Buchecha and Duarte are jockeying for position on the feet. Kaynan shots for a single but Buchecha stuff easily. Duarte sits guard. Kaynan is attacking an inside heel hook from 50/50 but Buchecha easily gets out. Kaynan almost gets a takedown but ends on bottom. Buchecha is working hard for the pass. 

Overtime is live and both are looking for the takedown. Lots of takedown attempts from both.

 Duarte wins via decision

Nick Rodriguez vs Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu

Cyborg sits guard immediately. Cyborg looks to establish his knee shield guard. Lots of hand fighting, neither man is ready to commit to an attack before points go live. Cyborg plays de la riva and Nicky Rod looks to pass standing. Some amazing scrambles in this one.Towards the end of the regulation Nicky Rod nearly takes the back.

We’re in overtime. If Nicky Rod can land one of his patented take downs he’ll get the takedown.  Cyborg is working for a single. 

Nick wins via Decision

3rd Place Match

Marcus Almeida vs. Roberto Cyborg Abreu

Buchecha and Cyborg has choosen not to compete because they will be entering into the absolute division, there will be no bronze in this division


Nick Rodriguez vs Kaynan Duarte

Hard to believe a blue belt with less than two years experience is on the verge of becoming an ADCC champion. Lights are dimmed and some amazing intros for the finals. Both of these finalists are upsets, incredible work from them.

Early feeling out process, Nick has great snapdowns, something to look out for. Also, we are in finals so match lengths are doubled. Also penalties are in play from the start for guard pulling and the like.

Kaynan gets a single and runs of mat. Back to standing, match goes to the ground and Duarte is in knee shield half guard. Nick alternating attacks, trying some standing and some kneeling.

Duarte snags a leg and is trying to sweep with it. It fails and their back to knee shield. Nick is subdued here. We’ve seen a lot more aggression in previous matches. Might be holding back for the points or overtime phase.

Points are live, and we’re still in a guard game. Nick is starting to pick it up now. Hits a body lock guard pass and straight on to the back. Match goes out of bounds and points are narrowly avoided.

Nick definitely drew some first blood there. Kaynan is working to the back now. He’s got two hooks and points! On the back with a body lock. Brazilian crowd is starting to shout their famous Portuguese curses! Kaynan looking for the choke. Nick looks like a man not used to having his back taken.

Excellent back control from Kaynan, he’s sinking neck cranks, face squeezes, anything he can. Nick is defending the chokes well but making zero escape progress. Where spending a lot of time in the back attack now. Kaynan is switching his body lock and keeping Nick in check. Nick needs to get out and score, tough to do. He’s out! Twenty seconds, Nick is in berserk mode. Match is spilling into another mat. Nick goes for the back and the crowd is going insane. That’s it, times up!

Kaynan Duarte wins via points and is the 99+ ADCC champion!

Womens -60kg ADCC 2019 Bracket


Bia Mesquita vs Jenna Bishop

Bia comes out of the gate for a lighting quick submission. We’ll update when we find out which one.

Bia Mesquita wins via submission

Ffion Davies vs Rikako Yuasa

Ffion is cutting through Yuasa’s guard like a hot knife through butter. Ffion mounts and attacks immediately. Rikako recovers. Ffion looks to knee slice and switches to an xpass. Ffion passes to side control.  

Points are live and Ffion is scoring. Ffion is 10 points ahead. This is dominant. Ffion attacks a triangle and an armbar. Rikako defends. 

Ffion Davies wins via points

Bianca Vasillio vs Livia Giles

Bianca gets a quick back take for a rear naked choke.

Bianca Vasillio wins via RNC

Elvira Karppinen vs Catherine Perret 

Perret on top in base, trying to hide her legs from Elvira. Big battle happening in guard. Elvira looking for an arm drag. This is definitely old school vs new school here. Elvira scores a sweep and settles into the top position.

Elvira has Perret on the run, working a back take and even follows her to standing and then back down. Elvira being cautious, wants to keep her lead here.

Perret gets up and back to her feet. Perret is really going for these takedowns now. Perret is pissed now, almost striking Elvira. Needs a takedown. Elvira stuffing like crazy.

Elvira Karppinen wins via points


Bia Mesquita vs Ffion Davies

The pride of Wales is up. Ffion is looking hard to become the UK’s first ever ADCC champion and Bia is in her way and trying to prevent Ffion making it to the finals. Bia pulls guard after some standing exchanges. Bia teases the hip bump sweep and then transitions to a kimura, but Ffion is too strong. Ffion hits a knee slice and in the scramble ends up in a triangle. Ffion switches to an armbar it’s brutal and it looks like Bia’s arm is broken.

Ffion Davies wins via submission armbar

 wins via 

Bianca Vasillio vs Elvira Karppinen

Elvira sits to guard and goes to work in 50/50. Lot’s of dynamic attacks here from the 10th Planet phenom. Basillio has strong defense and hits a jumping back take. She almost has it right befores points go live. Basillio is on top and on the move for a back take. Points are live and one hook is in for Basillio.

Bianca finishes he back take and immeidately goes for an armbar from the back. She’s in the spiderweb position. Only saving grace for Elvira is that no points were scored.

Elvira got a gift there, no points on the board and Elvira has escaped and resumes her attack. Minutes pass and both women are fighting hard but nothing to show for it. Elvira mainly in seated guard and Elvire trying to figure out a way to pass.

A late double leg attack results in time going out. OT begins and Elvira is limping from that late leg attack. Elvira is hurt, she cannot walk, sits to guard and takes a penalty. She attacks a takdown and stands up! It fails and Elvira sits again, taking another penalty. She’s clearly hurt but working for attacks.

Elvira stands again for a standing rear body lock, she’s on her feet despite injuries. She works a single leg and takes the fight down but without points. Basillio breifly has a knee bar but is really just trying to stay close. Basillio get points for a sweep!

Elvira almost gets another heelhook, she is not out of this at all. Elvira needs a sub and she knows it. Flying armbar attempt. Basillio is hovering at the edge of the mats on purpose.  

Bianca wins via decision

3rd Place Match

Bia Mesquita vs Elvira Karppinen

Bia and Elvira are injured and cannot compete. There will be no bronze match. Elvira will possibly win bronze by default


Womens +60kg ADCC 2019 Bracket


Gabi Garcia vs Stephanie Egger

Gabi takes advantage of a scramble and gets a back take early. Gabi gets full back control and is destroying here.

Gabi stays in back mount for a long time here, finally going to turtle in the last minute. She actually has no points here, despite dominating. Match goes to OT.

Garcia gets a takedown and right back to back mount. Stephanie has heart but she just can’t do anything here. Gabi outweighs her significantly. 

Gabi Garcia wins by points in OT

Amanda Leve vs Ana Carolina Viera

Viera gets a single leg takedown. Leve working an open guard. They go back to standing. Points are live. The two are being active but nothing is going on. Score still 0-0. Leve gets a warning for passivity. Two minutes left now. Viera looking for another single leg but no dice.

We’re in overtime and Viera looks to be a little fresher. Not much action in OT. 

Viera gets the back in a scramble. She flattens out Leve. No points yet but a choke is in.

Ana Carolina Viera wins via submission in OT

Tayane Porfirio vs Jessica Flowers

Tayane is looking to get the takedown.  Lots of jockeying around but it seems like they’re just waiting for points to go live. I was wrong. Points are live and still nobody wants to commit. This is difficult to watch.

Flowers keeps looking for armdrags but Tayane is too strong. It’s all over, this match didn’t look like BJJ and it was pretty awful.

Tayane Porfirio wins via refs decision

Nathely De Jesus vs Carina Santi

Santi is on top and aggressively looking for that double stack pass. Santi now circling and dives into a leg attack, Santi might have something here, attacking heelhooks and toeholds. She gets a back take instead. Hooks in and she’s going for a choke. She’s got points and there’s two minutes left.

Carina Santi wins via points 


Gabi Garcia vs Ana Carolina Viera

I hate to beat a dead horse, but Gabi looks huge compared to Ana. Real David and Goliath stuff here. Viera shoots but takes a sprawl and practically disappears under Gabi. Viera recovers and pops up. Viera is under Gbai again and inverting under Gabi. Now playing some de la riva. Viera working a heelhook and Gabi is putting her weight on her. Viera finding her groove wth the leglocks. She’s inverting a lot and Gabi is smashing to defned. Viera coming very close with a knee bar. Viera is really putting up a fight here.

Overtime has begun and Gabi gets a quick back attack that’s unscored. This is a power position for Gabi and she sprawls into north south and is dominating now. Seeting up a kimura, this could be it. Viera escaping to deep half but she’s slowing down from the pressure. Still no points from Gabi. She’s just grinding it out now.

 Gabi wins via decision

Tayane Porfirio vs Carina Santi

Tayane sits guard, she’s attacking an arm and it looks tight for a second. Santi gets on top in Tayane’s guard. Points are live and they are in a classic closed guard position.

Santi scarmables and lands in an almost back position. Tayane escapes and spin to a toehold. Santi is obviously hurt but rides it out. Santi ends on the back but time is up and we’re going to overtime.

Action has slowed, no takedowns the whole OT.

Santi wins via decision

3rd Place Match

Tayane Porfirio vs Ana Vieria

Tayane hits a monster takedown double leg in the opening minutes. Vieria works to closed guard and now butterfly. Tayana is literally too big for Ana to closed guard in. Ana opts for knee shield instead.

Ana inverts and Tayane tripods for insane pressure. Ana gets passed and is stuck in a tough turtle position. Ref warns Tayane to be offensive from top turtle.Viera inverts and escapes and then takes a 75 pound knee to the face. This match is very similar to Ana’s previous match against Gabi.

Viera threatens a solid outside heelhook but Tayane escapes and responds with a toehold. Viera is inverted and manages to escape. Tayane gets the mount and scores points in the final seconds. Great work from both women.

Tayane via points


Carina Santi vs. Gabi Garcia

It’s time for Gabi to make history. If Gabi wins this will be her 4th ADCC title.Huge weight advantage for Gabi. Gabi hits a huge take down and it looks like Santi is hurt temporarily. Gabi works to half guard and she’s trying to force the mount now. Santi takes turtle  and Gabi is looking to take the back.

Gabi switches to front headlock and is looking to attack but nothing is there. Santi turtles and rolls through for a leglock, but Gabi smashes through into halfguard and is looking to take the mount. Gabi continues to pressure and takes a kimura for the win.

Gabi Garcia wins via kimura and is the Women’s ADCC 66+ kg Championship!

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