Euros 2020: Mikey Musumeci Enters The Openweight Division

Mikey Musumeci has become the lightest competitor to enter the Openweight division at the IBJJF European Championships 2020. It seems like he’s eager to pull off the same kind of upset that Lachlan Giles managed at ADCC last year, and why not? That bronze medal performance earned Giles more kudos than any gold medal in his own division ever would have. Musumeci himself should have been attendance at that same competition but was sadly forced to pull out due to injury in the days leading up to it.

Musumeci is the reigning Roosterweight World Champion and has decided to move up in weight to the Light-Featherweight category this year. In this category he’s due to face some elite competition in the form of Pedro Dias, Hiago George and Diego Oliveira but as you can see from our breakdown of each weight class here, he should have what it takes to come home with the gold medal from his new weight-class.

The Openweight division represents an entirely different challenge however, as this isn’t just a small jump in weight like the difference from Roosterweight to Light-Featherweight. In the forever unpredictable Openweight division, the next lightest competitor after Mikey Musumeci still has around a forty pound weight advantage on him.

While Mikey Musumeci has never won the IBJJF European Championships before, he’s won three consecutive IBJJF World Championships and is an unstoppable force in the lightest weight-classes. He represents the best chance we have at seeing a huge upset in the Openweight division and seeing yet another victory for the little guys.

Brackets for every age and belt category for the IBJJF European Championships 2020 can be found on the IBJJF website here.

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