Why Kids Should Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

In an age of technology-fuelled fun, kids don’t tend to exercise, join in on sports, or socialise as much as they used to. Kids should learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) because not only does it bring elements of exercise, socializing and brain stimulation to a child’s life, but it also brings a lot of fun and even some amazing opportunities too.

Like most sports, the kids classes are never as intense as the adult classes. The same BJJ concepts are still taught, just taught and altered in a way that makes it easier for the children to learn and understand.

Discipline, Focus and Respect

You can’t have discipline without respect. Just like the adult classes, these concepts are enforced. You must have respect for your coach and your teammates. The children still learn the same drills as the adults such as arm bars and triangles, so respect for their partners limits are crucial. 

Focus is key in order to learn, so respect when the coach is talking is imperative. If the child talks to their friends whilst the coach is explaining the move, or they’re not listening – when it comes around to practicing the move, they probably won’t know what they’re doing. You learn very quickly how important focus and respect are within BJJ, no matter what your age.

Confidence in Self-Defense 

In an article by Evolve MMA they state that, “A child who has experience in BJJ will be able to control an attacker and neutralize them in a realistic scenario. They will develop the ability to take an attacker to the ground and control them. They will also understand how to escape uncomfortable positions or avoid being pinned underneath a bigger and stronger attacker.”

The ability to defend yourself can be the most underrated skill of all. BJJ can be adaptable to real-life situations, and can potentially save your life. Confidence in self-defense should make the child grow up to be an all-round confident individual, because they know they can look after themselves, if needs be – whether male or female.

Rener Gracie talks through his bully-proof BJJ programme with Ryron Gracie on the clip below. The bully-proof programme isn’t an example of what happens in every kids BJJ class. However the same foundation BJJ techniques, and concepts that the bully-proof programme practices, most kids BJJ classes will too.

The ideology behind Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is learning how to defend yourself from an attacker without having to punch, kick, or inflict damage on another person. Rener sums up coaching children BJJ as, “Most importantly, we’re teaching them how to fight fire with water.”

Confidence will also stem from successfully drilling a move, submitting somebody, or winning a competition. This will ingrain in the child’s mind that hard-work, resilience and dedication pays off. When the child is being noticed and rewarded for their efforts, it will immensely boosts their self-esteem, as well as their confidence.  

Friendship and Trust

Kids should learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because not only does BJJ have mental and physical benefits, but the social side of it is great for children too. The sport allows children to nurture their social skills in a fun, safe environment with children of different ages and abilities.

BJJ also helps children to build trust and bonds at a young age. The child knows that when they tap because they’re being submitted, that their partner will let go. They are trusting that person. Friends will be made through BJJ from all sorts of backgrounds. It allows the children to have a different sort of friendship. A friendship where they’re all very different, but share one common ground – BJJ.

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