Dealing with the Stress When You Cannot Grapple

Many of you may have experienced an increase in stress, anxiety, and frustration after finding out that your gym will be closed because of COVID-19. So, what can you do to help your body get rid of some of this negative energy while still living a healthy and fit lifestyle?  Here are 5 tips that can be incorporated into your everything regimen, regardless if the gym is open or closed, to keep your body and mind strong.

Keep your body active:

Just because the gym is closed, it does not mean working out is not an option. Do Solo Drills by Danaher, Galvao, Cobrihna. Find free workout videos online for ideas and if possible, head outside. go for a walk, run, kayak, do yoga or just layout on the grass. Getting fresh air and some Vitamin D is good for the body, mind, and soul.

Keep your mind busy: 

Keep yourself motivated by studying other Grapplers and athletes.  Watch video instructionals and listen to podcasts. Revisit old hobbies or discover new ones like cooking, swimming, or writing. Remember, the things you hear and see have the power to shape the way you treat and see yourself. Be wise in what you chose to feed your brain.

Eat Healthy:

How you fuel your body can really affect not only your energy levels but also your mood. Such things as sugar and alcohol can really have an adverse response on your mental and emotional well being. Though food may sever as temporary satisfaction for some, it is important to recognize how it can also hurt your moral and your goals in the long run.


Work on yourself. Use your time wisely and start to learn more about how to strengthen your thought process and coping skills. Be able to manage your anxiety in competitions better, build stronger relationships with your grappling buddies, find the benefits in being able to communicate your feelings more confidently, and establish a more balanced lifestyle. Talking to someone who can really help you heal past wounds and help you prevent future ones by teaching you how to retrain yourself on how to think and feel about things. Let that ego go. There are many online therapy platforms such as Betterhelp & Talkspace with lots of positive ie. betterhelp review found here and talkspace review found here, that are affordable and accessible 24/7.

Stay connected:

A big part of jiu-jitsu is this sense of community. Being around like minded people who are just as focused and excited about the sport as you. Try to communicate with your peers as much as you can whether that be in a group text, as workout buddies, or other safe COVID approved activities.

Human connection keeps the mind and soul fulfilled. Isolation does the opposite so if you are starting to feel alone, depressed, or anxious, reach out to someone. Get in the habit of keeping your mind busy during these times by creating healthy distractions such as human interaction.

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