Lachlan Giles Explains His Favorite Guard For Leglocks

Lachlan Giles is renowned for the magic he can produce when it comes to leglocks and the Australian grappler has proven his phenomenal ability time and time again. He started to gain notoriety as a frequent competitor at No Gi events around the world and for being the coach of Craig Jones but soon Lachlan would explode into the forefront of every spectator’s mind. He had an incredible performance at Kinectic where he beat five opponents in a row under the team-based ruleset and quickly followed this with a career-defining Bronze medal in the Absolute division of ADCC 2019, despite competing at under 77kg.

While John Danaher and his stable of competitors are widely regarded as the kings of leglocks and the guys pushing the envelope, Lachlan Giles is doing the exact same thing a few thousand miles away in Australia. He’s focusing on a completely different aspect of leglocks and as a result, coming up with new and increasingly innovative entries into leg entanglements. While the Danaher Death Squad tend to work from Butterfly Guard and the Saddle position to finish, Giles tends to work more from 50/50 and the subject of the below video: The K Guard.

The added advantage that Giles has over Danaher as a coach is that youth is on his side. While it’s well known that Danaher is an incredible coach and has a brilliant mind for BJJ, age and multiple injuries are catching up and as such, competitive rolling is rare for him. Giles on the other hand is still able to compete at the highest levels of the sport and trains every day with some of the best competitors available to him.

For more of Lachlan Giles’ Youtube content, follow his channel here.

Alex Lindsey

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