Nick “The Tooth” Gullo Catches Coronavirus

Nick “The Tooth” Gullo, the popular figure in both MMA and BJJ has just announced that he has tested positive for Coronavirus. Not just this, but the man known to many hardcore UFC fans has also given us an insight on what it’s like living with the virus. His insight is something that a lot of people might want to take notice of as Gullo represents a section of the population that might be unsure whether or not to be concerned: Those in older age brackets but great physical health.

The 51 year old is old enough to be at a heightened risk for severe symptoms of Coronavirus, but Nick Gullo is also the 2019 Master’s No Gi World Champion so it’s reasonable to say that he’s in good shape. Gullo is a black belt under the Mendes Brothers and has always trained out of Art Of Jiu-Jitsu and represented ATOS in competition. Of course, with the two major competition teams recently splitting ways, Gullo will most likely be representing AOJ in future.

Despite the seriousness of the virus, Gullo appears to be fairing well and in good spirits judging from the video that he’s shared above. We here at Grappling Insider wish Gullo a speedy recovery and hope that he can get back on the mats in short order.

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Nick The Tooth Gullo Coronavirus

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