Roger Gracie Opens Up About His Bout Of Coronavirus

The living legend and the frontrunner for the title of greatest BJJ competitor of all time, Roger Gracie, has recently come out of the other side of a battle with Coronavirus and he’s decided to share exactly what it was like with his fans. This isn’t the first time he’s opened up about how badly he was hit with the disease and urged people to take things seriously, as he recently did an interview with Combate and said the following:

“There are a lot of friends that I talked to who thought I wouldn’t get it because I was healthy, young. A lot of people are dying. A friend of a friend in Italy was a marathon runner, was 35 years old and died. My teacher’s girlfriend’s cousin is 30 years old and is hospitalized. And there are thousands that we don’t know about. It is necessary to raise awareness. The disease really affects the most fragile, the oldest, but also other people. You cannot neglect it. It’s not a joke.”

It’s an unusual turn of events, but the two biggest names in BJJ and arguably the greatest No Gi and Gi competitors, Gordon Ryan and Roger Gracie respectively, have taken almost completely opposing stances on the Coronavirus pandemic. Roger Gracie is urging people to take this seriously and wants to raise awareness, while Gordon Ryan appears to think that the whole situation is overblown and the resulting lockdowns are unnecessary.

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