The Best Online Hair Loss Treatment Sites For 2021

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The two heavy hitters in preventing hair loss are finasteride and minoxidil.  Finasteride (the generic version of Propecia) is a pill which works by blocking the hormones which convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  Minoxidil (the generic version of Rogaine) is a foam/liquid which is applied to the surface of the scalp.  Minoxidil works by dilating blood vessels. This allows more blood flow to your hair follicles.  This increased blood flow can renew the growth phase of your hair follicles which can prevent future hair loss and potentially regrow lost hair.

The day will come when most men will have to decide if they are going to proactively stop their hair loss or embrace their inner Bruce Willis.  By 50 years old about 80% of men will experience some level of hair loss.  Fortunately, with the burgeoning development of online telehealth sites we can stop the previously inevitable tide of male pattern baldness conveniently, efficiently and inexpensive to.  Gone are the days of waiting weeks to see a doctor, weaving through traffic, finding a parking space and sitting in a waiting room that smells of Pine-Sol and bleach. As an added bonus the generic versions of Propecia and Rogaine are so much cheaper that even the most prudent accountants will smile at the savings.  Today you can simply go online, consult with a licensed physician and then sit back and relax as your hair loss prevention prescriptions are delivered to your door.  

The bottom line is both finasteride and minoxidil can prevent and/or slow down hair loss.  However, neither is a miracle cure which bats a thousand.  The positive results from clinical studies are encouraging though. 

For men who take finasteride about 80% will prevent further hair loss around the crown.  For 66% of men finasteride will stop the progression of a receding hairline.  Two-thirds of men will see hair growth while taking finasteride (Please note users of finasteride often get the best results in the area of the hairline. If you are experiencing hair loss on the vertex as well as your hairline it may be advisable to combine finasteride with minoxidil.  Talk with your doctor about this option).

For men who take minoxidil 66% will stop further hair loss.  50% of men see moderate hair regrowth.  20% see very significant hair regrowth while using minoxidil.  (Please note the users of minoxidil see the best results on the vertex/crown. If you are experiencing hair loss along the hairline as well as the vertex talk to you doctor about a combination of minoxidil and finasteride)

When discussing hair loss treatments it is important to understand finasteride and minoxidil must be taken daily for as long as you want to prevent hair loss.  If you stop using your medications your hair loss will begin anew.  

Let’s now take a look at the current market leaders dealing with hair loss.  All of these companies essentially work the same way: (1) you go to the website (2) you set up your consultation with a licensed physician and (3) your medication is sent to your home.

Blink Health currently offers the cheapest prices.  You can get a month’s supply of finasteride delivered to you for $8.95.  A month’s supply of 5% minoxidil foam will cost $16.76 delivered to your door.  

If you are just getting started it will cost you $5.00 to have an online consultation with a licensed physician.  The physician will then work with you to decide on the best hair loss program.   Your medication will be sent to your home.  

If you have already met with a doctor and you have been given a prescription then you can transfer that prescription over to Blink Health if their prices are cheaper than your local pharmacy.

Get Roman is a one stop shop for men’s health.  They offer a product line ranging from hair loss, to testosterone support, to quitting smoking, to erectile dysfunction, to heart health, to cold sore treatment.  A month’s worth of Finasteride costs $20/month.   A month’s worth of minoxidil costs $16.00/month.  The initial consultation will cost $15.00.

Like ForHims offers a number of products related to men’s health and wellness.  It’s big four categories are (1) hair loss (2) erectile dysfunction (3) skin care and (4) anxiety and depression.  

Along with finasteride ($28.50/month) and minoxidil ($15.00/month) offers their DHT reducing shampoo as well as biotin gummies. is the most hair focused site of the group.  In fact, hair loss is all they deal with.  

A month’s supply of finasteride costs $25/month.  A month’s supply of liquid minoxidil costs $10/month and a month’s supply of foam minoxidil costs $15/month. also offers a full line of shampoos and conditioners to help you achieve your hair goals.  Currently, the initial consultation with a licensed physician is free.  The future once a year consultations to make sure everything is going well will cost $5.00.  


What are some causes of hair loss besides male pattern baldness which I should be aware of?

Although the most common cause of baldness is male pattern baldness it is important to take note of some other potential causes of baldness. Other causes include but are not limited to: the autoimmune disorder alopecia areata, thyroid disease, steroid abuse and adverse reactions to various medications intended to treat cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression.  This is why the online consultation with a certified physician is important.  It would do you no good to start a program of finasteride and minoxidil if the cause of your hair loss was not male pattern baldness.  

Who would be the ideal candidate for online hair loss services and treatments?

Online hair loss services are a convenient resource for nearly everyone.  The one caveat would be a patient who is concerned he may have other significant health issues which may be playing a part in the issue.  In that case a face to face meeting with your doctor is advisable.  

However, if you already have a prescription for finasteride and/or minoxidil and you want to quickly re-up it is hard to beat the convenience of online services.  

Also, gentlemen interested in beginning a prescription strength hair loss prevention program will enjoy the efficiency and cost savings of the online experience.  

Are there any significant side effects related to finasteride?

Finasteride (the generic version of Propecia) does have a small risk associated with its use.  Though the percentage of men who are affected is small the issue is many a man’s worst nightmare: impotence.  Please note: only1% of men who take finasteride experience any impotence issues.  The good news is even for the 1% whom may experience symptoms it is usually reversible.  If this is a concern be sure to ask questions during your online consultation.  

Should I start with a pill or a topical solution?

Though many patients decide to go with the big gun, finasteride, right from the start there is another approach.  It may be advisable to start with a topical application of minoxidil (the generic version of Rogaine) for 6-12 months.  After 6-12 months you can then assess if you have achieved your desired results.   If you have, there is no need to add finasteride.  If you are still losing hair it would now an effective next step to add finasteride to your daily regimen.  


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