Watch: Craig Jones Rolls with Carlos Condit

No-gi BJJ superstar Craig Jones recently got a roll in with the ‘Natural Born Killer’ Carlos Condit. The UFC stand-out Carlos Condit (30-13 MMA record) recently attended a seminar held by Craig Jones at Dark Haven Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he teaches striking. The two got some work in together, check it out above.

Craig shows off some of his dangerous bottom game, nailing reverse de la riva sequences, x-guard sweeps, leg entanglement entries, and even lands a sneaky front-naked choke from closed guard. Oh, and keep an eye out for an absolutely bonkers triangle set-up toward the end of the roll. His top game looked equally suffocating, with body lock passing, cross-wrist control and leg riding resulting in back takes. This was a very different roll from Craig’s much discussed recent roll with Asthon Kutcher.

Of course, this is just a friendly roll, but could this serve as a jumping off point for the Natural Born Killer into the superfight circuit as his MMA career winds down? We’d love to see it.

carlos condit

Joe Mills

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