ADCC Vet Keith Krikorian Just Dropped A 50 Technique Instructional For $2

You read that right, Keith Krikorian is sharing over an hour and a half of elite-level grappling knowledge for less money than a Starbucks. The elite level 10th Planet brown belt is obviously a No Gi specialist and he’s been a regular on the competitive No Gi scene, even going so far as to feature on recent Fight 2 Win events. His main achievement to date has been his appearance at ADCC 2019 and the fact that the 22 year old was eager to enter the absolute division, despite competing in the -66kg bracket initially.

Keith Krikorian first came up against the eventual champion of his weight-class, Augousto “Tanquinho” Mendes and he put a solid fight, although eventually tapped to an Arm Triangle Choke. After that, he had to wait until the second day of ADCC 2019 to compete in the Absolute division where he met one of the best Heavyweght grapplers on the planet, Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida and unfortunately, the weight difference was just too big for Krikorian to deal with.

In Krikorian’s new instructional, he’ll be offering a wide selection of techniques from his own personal arsenal with an obvious leaning towards 10th Planet techniques. For those of you interested in purchasing it, the list of techniques are below and you can either send the $2 payment by Venmo to Keith Krikorian and give him your e-mail address or simply send by PayPal to [email protected].

Keith Krikorian Instructional
Keith Krikorian Instructional

Keith Krikorian has also worked with BJJ Fanatics in the past to offer a tactics based instructional on how to get the best results from the EBI Overtime rules, click here to find out more.

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