Fight 2 Win 135: Nick Rodriguez v Victor Hugo Preview

Fight 2 Win 135 takes place on January 18th in Sacramento, California and brings an excellent main event match to the golden state. Nick Rodriguez makes his first appearance of 2020, with matches lined up for Submission Underground 11 and Third Coast Grappling 4 to follow shortly. His opponent is none other than the man who recently won the IBJJF World No-Gi Championships absolute division, Victor Hugo.

While Nick Rodriguez has been on absolute tear since his outstanding performance at ADCC 2019, Victor Hugo is no slouch. Hugo is a product of the famed Jiu-Jitsu University and received his black belt from head coaches and BJJ legends, Saulo and Xande Ribeiro last year. He started off last year coming up just short against some of the best competitors around like Nicholas Meregali, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu and Marcus Almeida. No-Gi Worlds was Hugo’s best performance to date as he ran through the absolute division, going 5-0 and beating Cyborg in the finals, avenging an earlier loss in the Super-Heavyweight bracket.

This should be an exciting match and it really could go either way. Expect to see brutal standing clinchwork from Nick Rodriguez as he pushes the pace and looks to bully his opponent with relentless pressure. Victor Hugo should have the edge once the match hits the ground so the winner will most likely be decided by how quickly the fight gets there.

See below for the Fight 2 Win 135 full card.

Fight 2 Win 135 Full Card

Super Heavyweight No-Gi Main Event

Victor Hugo (Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu) vs Nick Rodriguez (Renzo Gracie)

210lbs Black Belt GI

Leandro Castrovejo (Charles Gracie) vs Tobin Staley (Werneck Jiu Jitsu)

205lbs Black Belt Gi 

Cleidson Ramos (Ralph Gracie) vs Victor Cervantes (Rivalry Jiu Jitsu)

200lbs Black Belt Gi

Jason Butcher (CSA) vs Rich Flores (Yemaso BJJ)

200lbs Black Belt Gi

Tom Steele (Yemaso BJJ) vs Manny Rocha (Strive Martial Arts)

185lbs Black Belt Gi

Jake Watson (Maracaba BJJ) vs Ronaldo Junior (Atos)

185lbs Black Belt No-Gi

Vince Barbosa (Renzo Gracie) vs Brandon Alexander (Checkmat)

175lbs Black Belt No-Gi

Marcus Boness (Yemaso BJJ)  vs Angel Lopez (Halo Jiu Jitsu)

170lbs Black Belt Gi

Dahas Neto (Ares) vs Thomas Haley (Sabre Jiu Jitsu)

170lbs Black Belt Gi

Louie Moreno (Checkmat) vs Vini Nunes (Ralph Gracie)

170lbs Black Belt Gi

Chad Bingham (Alliance) vs Breno Bittencourt (Gracie Fighter)

170lbs Black Belt Gi 

Lyzz Mitrovic (Akbari Bjj) Vs Talita Nogueira 

150lbs Black Belt No-Gi

Manny Moreno (Ares BJJ) vs Chad George (Yemaso BJJ)

140lbs Black Belt Gi

Antione  Green-Gibson (Cassio Werneck BJJ) vs Art Vega (Ares)

Brown Belt Lightweight Female Gi Title

Joy Pendell (Dustin Akbari BJJ) vs Heather Woods (Atos)

Brown Belt Middleweight Gi Title 

Mikey Hothi (Nick Diaz Academy) vs Fabricio Silva (CTA)

225lbs Brown Belt Gi

David Ellis (Carnage) vs Nick Pica (Gracie Fighter)

220lbs Brown Belt Gi

Daniel Wuerthner (Infinite Jiu Jitsu) vs Ronal Hernandez (Rlaph Gracie)

185lbs Brown Belt Gi

Ian Johnson (Inifinite Jiu Jitsu) vs Richie Storelee (925 Jiu Jitsu)

170lbs Brown Belt Gi

Jacob Pupo (Cassio Werneck BJJ) vs Erick Sanchez (Carlson Gracie)

160lbs Brown Belt Gi

Kevin Schnepp (Team Maxwell) vs Chance Soltero (Ares)

160lbs No-Gi

Amir Kazemi (Team Alpha Male Akbari BJJ) vs Corbin Bilund (10th Planet)

145lbs Brown Belt No-Gi

Billy English (Yemaso BJJ) vs Sean Joseph (Sabre Jiu Jitsu)

140lbs Brown Belt Gi

Joseph Taylor (CTA) vs Damien Gonzales (Blessed Jiu Jitsu)

120lbs Brown Belt GI

Courtney Dubois (Yemaso BJJ) vs Julia Balmante (Alliance)

120lbs Brown Belt No-Gi

Chelsi Aguayo (Norcal Fighting Alliance) vs Raquel Torres (Warrior Martial Arts)

Super Heavyweight Purple Belt Gi

John Taylor (Ares BJJ) vs Leonard Miller (Kings MMA)

210lbs Purple Belt Gi

Travis Hawley (Checkmat) vs Jazz Ogilvie (916 Jiu Jitsu)

205lbs Purple Belt GI

Bryce Sexton (Rice Bros BJJ) vs Abraham Rogers (Ares BJJ)

190lbs Purple Belt Gi

Manny Mendoza (CTA) vs Ben Smith (Checkmat)

180lbs Purple Belt No-Gi

Jillian Peterson (MPR Endurance) vs Stacey Councilman (Infinite Jiu Jitsu)

175lbs Purple Belt GI

Lucas Crawford (Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu) vs Eddie Hoch (Carlson Gracie Sacramento)

175bs Purple Belt GI

Alika Foster (Ares BJJ) vs Colin Savage (Casso Werneck BJJ)

160lbs Purple Belt Gi

Derek Gehrer (Carlson Gracie) vs Aaron Goodwin (Checkmat)

160lbs Purple Belt No-Gi

Anthony Cumerlato (ATOS) vs Alexis Gutierrez (Cassio Werneck BJJ)

145lbs Purple Belt GI

Andrew Be (CTA) vs Carson Streicher (Carlson Gracie)

140lbs No-Gi

Hung Nguyen (Akbari BJJ) vs JC Danna (Gracie Fighter)

215lbs Blue Belt No-Gi

Behruz Nazari (Team Maxwell) vs Ryan Wiliams (Next Evolution)

205lbs Blue Belt  No-Gi

Scott McFarland (Waza Jiu Jitsu) vs Geordan Kenner (Dominat10n)

180lbs Blue Belt No-Gi

Chris Wagner (Waza Jiu Jitsu) vs Celso Arevalos (Yemaso BJJ)

175lbs Blue Belt No-Gi

Jamie Carnall (Avilla Brazilian Jiu jitsu) vs Jarel Askew (Carlson Gracie)

160lbs Blue Belt No-Gi

Dniel Munoz (Yemaso BJJ) vs Louis Accaria (Akbari BJJ)

140lbs Blue Belt No-Gi

Maritza Sanchez (Felipe Bragiao BJJ) vs Kelsey Harrell (Checkmat)

130lbs Blue Belt GI

Lynn Le (Team Maxwell) vs Rachel Sedillos (Nick Diaz Academy)

130lbs Teen Blue Belt GI

Alexis Gutierrez (Ares) vs Hector Morales (Team Maxwell) 

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