Lachlan Giles Analyzes His Match With Gordon Ryan

While Gordon Ryan may have come away from ADCC 2019 with the biggest win on paper after going undefeated in eight matches and earning double gold for the first time in his career, Lachlan Giles was the one who came away from the tournament as the unofficial people’s champion after an incredible giant-killing run through the absolute division that ended up with him taking home a Bronze medal. In the above video, Giles takes the time to break down the only match that he lost in the absolute division, the one against the eventual winner, Ryan himself.

Lachlan Giles starts the video by admitting that Gordon Ryan did get the better of him during their match, as he passed his guard, took his back, and then secured the tap with a choke. However, before this the two grapplers did engage in a battle of leg entanglements that Giles estimates he was able to get around 90% of his game going in. As Giles narrates the match, he explains the different leg entanglements that he finds himself in and his thought process at the time. Interestingly, the one position that he doesn’t end up in against Ryan is the one that he’s previously described as his favorite for leglock entries, The K-Guard.

Regardless of losing to Ryan, Giles put on a better display than most of the grapplers that he faced over the weekend at ADCC 2019 despite also giving up over 20kg of weight to Ryan. This is especially impressive when you consider that Gordon Ryan has justified his claim of being the greatest No Gi grappler of all time by comparing his grappling record to the other top contenders.

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